ONCE & FOR ALL: Is MC Speedy played out?


I woke up like dis
Mar 7, 2006
Hello, All!

I currently have all damier items, and I want something different. Also, while I LOVE the wearability of damier, I'm a little bored. I recently started a thread about the neo cabby, and got favorable answers, so I thought that I would run this by you all as well.

Is the multicolor speedy old?

I know it was the rage during the 'newlyweds' era, but somehow, I wasn't interested in it then. It somehow puts me in the mind frame of juicy couture track suits, lol. Fast forward to 2009, and it looks like it would immediately POP any outfit, and is very pretty. What do you ladies think - would I date myself by wearing it?

I know everyone says to "wear what you like", but I guess I am looking for a yes or no answer, lol.

As usual, thanks so much!

LVoe Louis

Jul 21, 2009
I got my black one in 2003 and still enjoy carrying it, so much so it is one of my most frequently carried bags. I never was as keen on the white for some reason yet I really like my white Alma. It is a very eyecatching bag and still attracts comments to this day. LV is not so much about fashion and trends and the "IT" bags carried by so called celebrities for me, it's more about personal taste. I'm in my late thirties and way too old to be bothered about being trendy or not, I am just happy to look nice these days.


Nov 28, 2006
If you like it that is all that matters. I had a black MC priscilla and I just sold it 2 days ago after it was not getting any love and just sitting in my closet. I loved it when I first got it but then for the last year or so I was just not feeling it.


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Jan 15, 2006
I don't own a MC speedy but if I did I would still carry it. If you love it - why not? I never worry if my bag is "last season" or whatever, if it makes me happy and I feel like carrying it then I just do.


Tinker's Realm
Apr 14, 2008
I will always love this pattern-to me it is Iconic/Art/LV but having said that- it does feel like it is geared for a younger group so the older I get the less inclined I would be to buy another piece but also would never part w/my black multi speedy either.


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Mar 21, 2009
I still love it and think its super cute bag. however, it is an older style of LV's and in that case I can see how it is a little outdated. If i was you i would compromise and get a different style MC bag, that way you still have the gorgeous look of the multicolor and also have a new and more up to date/trendy bag.
Oct 13, 2006
MC may seems played out b/c all the replicas that roamed around during MTV's newlweds (gosh the memories! lol) era, but it is a classic piece IMO and it will never appear to be 'last season' KWIM? It it's a bit heavier than regular speedy due to the hardware, but it's a keeper if your heart desire it :tup:


Cuddly Bag Monkey
Jul 20, 2007
I see your point about the "Newlyweds" reference! I still think the MC Speedy could be current if you wear the right outfit. I actually had no clue it was popular due to JS since I wasn't into LV when Multicolore first came out. I bought mine in 2007, long after the MC Speedy was all the rage. It sold itself to me all on it's own when I saw it on the shelf and I still love it. I think if you bought one, you would enjoy it lots!