Once and for all: what do you think of Victoria Beckham?

  1. I am confused :confused1:, LOL. It seems that lots of ladies here think that Victoria Beckham is totally stylish. The British people and I don't agree (example in this perfectly respectable if somewhat right-wing newspaper blog and read the comments in particular).

    May be British fashion sense sucks but surely you cannot say that someone who dress like this is stylish!

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  3. i actually dont like her very much, she never smiles, she looks like a bit$h, and I dont care for her style at all- but she does have a pretty face if she only smiles a little bit.
  4. oooh, i just noticed this, maybe that girl in the back wearing black is laughing at her outfit:p
  5. I love her! I am under the impression that she is actually really sweet. I've always enjoyed her interviews. She hates her smile...so, I'm sure in private she smiles and laughs like a normal person. I also love looking at her style...she may not wear alot of clothes that are my own personal style, but I appreciate them on her and think that for the most part she looks great.
  6. I think she is great and seems to not care what people think of her. More power to her! I love her style and especially her sunglasses. They are on my wishlist.
  7. She tries really hard, but I'd rather someone who tried hard to someone who doesn't try at all.

    I like that outfit with less cleavage.
  8. I dont' think it matters anymore whether she has style or not - she is still one of the most discussed people. I am used to this from UK but in USA???

    but to answer the question - this outfit is terrible but she does sometimes wear nice outfits - I am neither a fan nor do I hate her. I just think that she is being given too much attention!
  9. I think she is hit or miss with her outfits. She always seems to try too hard, although she probably feels like she must because of all the scrutiny she receives. She was always my favorite Spice Girl and I think she looked a lot better then, before becoming too thin and getting that tacky, cheap-looking boob job.
  10. I really like her. I think most of her outfits are classy, but she does have her off days. I was never really a fan of the thrown together hobo look that seems to be popular, so I like that she puts thought into her outfit before she wears it. She also has a gorgeous figure and can pull almost anything off.
  11. yeh I remember she once said that the only reason she doesn't smile is because she hates the way she looks when she does. In her interviews she's very bubbly.
  12. I like her...but I like her hubby more!!!
  13. LOL. You know I had the 1st option on him but he has been a bit of a naughty boy with his secretary so I passed him on to Victoria and married my husband instead. Actually I love him even more for the $250m he is going to get from playing for LA Galaxy! :lol:

    But seriously though, I think Victoria is a bit of an enigma (neither in a good or bad way). I think she has some inferiority complex because it seems that she likes to act as if she is a posh totty (outside her Spice Girls persona) and she is trying to hard!

    She also has this pose with David Beckham in which she presses him against her so hard and uses her eyes to say 'Get away or I'll slap you.' :lol:
  14. She is way too skinny and doesnt' have an ounce of personal style...very few of these minor celebs do. My guess is she is a client of Rachel Zoe..likes all the girls rail thin and dresses them semi-well yet they all look like carbon copies of each other. She is just one more...she was a Spice Girl for goodness sake. Very few real style icons out there but she is definitely not one...plus she sends the wrong message to young girls. She looks like a skeleton. She did marry well however, to her credit.
  15. I think she is really pretty, but way to skinny! I think she should smile more often! I like some outfits she wears!