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  1. After I bought the LV Cup 2007 zippy organizer, I , honestly, HATED it. The zipper wasn't smooth, and it was a bit to big even though i carry bigger bags it was still a pain(side note: I looked at the zippy wallet and that wasn't too bad, I'm just not sure i want that either). So I returned it, and now I'm back to using either my valeurs or a pochette to hold my cards. Please give me suggestions, I normally buy all damier but I'm kinda thinking something different, I am in love with pomme, but I'm not sure if its wayy to feminine. I don't mind if it is a little fem, but I don't want it to be crazy fem. Also, I don't really have a price limit bc I NEED a wallet that I'll love.
  2. i have a strong feeling that this forum hates me
  3. I don't think anyone hates you at all - people here are very nice. I think sometimes though these kinds of posts are kind of hard because people don't want to be negative at all so they just don't respond, rather than kind of shoot down something someone is interested in. I do think the pomme would be a little too feminine. It's red patent leather and that might be a little hard to pull off as a guy. What about a groom wallet in compact blue or something? Welcome to the forum!
  4. Nobody hates you.

    I agree that the pomme might be a little too feminine for a large wallet. maybe a cles for your keys if you really love it?

    There will be some damier pieces released with the red trunks and bags logo, maybe there will be made a nice wallet?
  5. I think you should get what you like, what appeals to you regardless of fem. or not. You're using it, no one else. GL!
  6. I don't think pomme is a good idea, you'd probably hate it too.
    Why don't you go epi or suhali? More expensive but you guys have a way of making your stuff last forever.
  7. I don't think anyone hates you....you should get something that you like. And if nothing is jumping out at you-wait for the new linees and see if you like that
  8. Awww... nobody hates you!

    The only people we hate on here are the spammers and counterfeiters. :yucky: I'd return the Zippy Organizer ASAP before the 14 days expire.

    Hmm... how about the Koala wallet or the Taiga Florin wallet?
  9. I already did return the Zippy organizer
  10. Maybe koala in nomade??
  11. the wallet i get needs to fit a passport
  12. How about the zippy Azur. It's big with out being to big. It opens and closes smoothly and you can see it in what ever you put it in. Good luck.
  13. I suggest going to the boutique and looking at all of the diffrent wallets/organizers LV has to offer. ;)
  14. I have the zippy organizer. I do agree it's a little bit too big though. You should go to the boutique and take a look at all the wallets, that should be helpful.
  15. Damier Brazza? that should hold a passport, but again that's damier.