Once again, SA's don't know their merchandise

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  1. I was at the FP Coach store in the Galleria tonight. I was playing touchy feely with all the new toys, and man, there were a lot of new toys!

    Anyway, I avoided the one male SA I don't care for, but I was talking to the other SA, also male (what's up with that?). I was looking at the Spectator Hippie in Acorn and realized like another poster said, it looked like a giant swingpack on my 4'11" self, so he was showing me the Spectator Caryall and then he said "oh it also comes in a Sabrina!" I'm looking around because all I see is a Spectator Audrey.....Yeah he did....he called it a Sabrina. I'm like...you mean that Audrey? He said...no it's a Sabrina. I'm like....uh ok....whatever dude.

    Now, I don't claim to know every bag, but hells bells I don't WORK for Coach! Geez, shouldn't they know what is what?? The more I go to this store, the more I dislike it. I wanted to see the Poppy Pocket hobo in the violet, but they didn't get any and they were also sold out of the butterfly tote, so I left empty handed.
  2. I asked to see an ocelot wristlet and they didn't know what I was talking about. :wtf:
  3. Toons - I know what you mean.. I love my SA's but I know so much more then they do.. I do not know why Coach does not teach their employee's about the items they sell..

    By the way it is an Audrey and she is just stunning..
  4. what a dork lol. s.a. crack me up sometime!

  5. That was your buddy Kevin that told me that, Heidi.... :nuts:
  6. Is it bad that even my Fiance knows the difference between the Sabrina and the Audrey? Then again he's had to deal with me so much about it all lol
  7. i noticed alot of men work for coach lol. I call JAX alot..and most of the time its a man who answers...its crazy to me haha
  8. Cheap humor.....lol!! :smile:
  9. i cant stand him!!!! lmao hes just aggrivating lol

  10. Well Gene was already on my hit parade, and after tonight, so is Kevin. The only one I like dealing with Ula..she's a doll.
  11. lol yes shes sweet she has like every bag ever made. is mignon still there?

  12. Not sure, I haven't met her, at least haven't been introduced to her. :smile:
  13. shes got long dark hair. her and ula are buddies. lol darn i miss ft.lauderdale
  14. Wow! As an SA I am shocked. That's all I have to say.

    I have a somewhat directly related incident. I had a customer come into my store and saw a Peyton swingpack in black. She said an SA at another store lied to her and said it never existed in black. Apparently the SA at the other store ALSO lied to her about there not being a non-Sig/non-Op Art black leather swingpack, when she also saw a Brooke crossbody also in my store. It really irked me.
  15. It happens with all the designers. Same thing happens all the time at LV when I am there.