Once again...PH vs. BV...

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  1. i have yet to one either one of them... but hopefully i will...! :heart:

    it's just that IMO the Popincourt Haut looks better with the new vanchetta....as in, no patina at all... whereas the Batignolles Vertical looks great in both.. and would continue to look beautiful for many years to come... Anybody agree with me? would that make the BV a better buy? especially with the price decrease? but the PH is so pretty and definitely a dressier bag... :love:

    TIA girls..! :flowers:
  2. I like PH! i think BV is bit bulky...:yes:
  3. BV!!! Don't like the PH, too small and looks a bit boxy!!
  4. if you're tall i'd go for the BV but it seems like you're going to dig a lot more for things. Otherwise i'd go for the BH.
  5. I have the BV and love it. It is one of my favorite "go to" bag. The patina looks awesome on the bag. I am just as happy with the bag today than I was when I got it a year ago.

    Good luck on your decision!
  6. My vote will be BV but I could be biased because I have one and I love it.
  7. I'd go for the PH. Just prefer the style, I guess.
  8. but does the PH look bad with the patina? :shrugs:
  9. BV gets my vote!
  10. Personally, I like the BV better... But go for what you love (which seems to be the PH)! :yes: and don't worry about the Vachetta...
  11. Batignolles Vertical! The Popincourt Haut somehow doesn't look proportional to me and the beads on the zipper aren't my thing. I got one of my good friends the Batignolles Horizontal for Xmas/Bday present.
  12. i prefer the PH, just because it doesn't look too big or too small on me (i am about 5'3 and 108 lbs)... even though i have a BH, and i still think it's a great everyday bag, it looks too wide on me. i also prefer the structured shape of the PH, the fact that it has a zippered top, and it's the perfect size for all my needs.
  13. I got both and they are both pretty:love:
  14. I'd get the B.. i don't like the PH
  15. I like the BV better because the PH is too small. I don't like the open top of the BV though! :push: