Once Again..Kooba Paige on Sale @ Saks...

  1. You gals wanted to know if the Kooba Paige is ever on sale at Saks...it is! In black...$270.54..10% off code is WELEML0607...Good luck, ladies!
  2. I just went online and it's nowhere to be found!
  3. It's under sale: shoes and handbags: designer handbags..

  4. Sigh, each time it gets nabbed so quickly...
  5. Tell me about it. I was entering my credit card number and it was snatched out of my cart! Ugh. I wish I would have never seen it! Dont bother calling the stores. I called them all and they were either very rude not willing to help at all (Hackensack store) or just knew they were out (NY and Walt Whitman).
  6. I know what you mean!
  7. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: DC-Cutie, detective reporting for duty. I found this bag. I called Saks Chevy Chase and the SA said there were 16 left in company.

    CALL NOW.....
  8. I bought two -- one for me and one for my mom but she says that it's too heavy for her. Do you think that I should return it or try to eBay it?
  9. I should be receiving mine in a day or two and I hadn't really thought about the fact that it might be too heavy for this small framed gal. I haven't tried it on in a store so I was just hoping that it would be a good fit. Once again I'll keep my eyes open and let you know if they come up for sale again. Unfortunately for my checkbook, I'm at home with a knee injury and have way too much time on my hands. (I just can't have too much time on my feet)
  10. Actually ladies...if you go to the Saks site and click on the bag it will tell you not in stock, but give you an 800 number to call to inquire. I called and it's their online center - she checked and they have raisin and black in different stores and she was going to connect me to the stores so I could order..
    But I changed my mind. I keep remembering my purse ban..i have spent tooooo much money in the last year, so i have to pass this by. But good luck to anyone else who wants to try this..
  11. It would probably be easier to return it. I bet that someone from here will be on saks.com to buy it as soon as they put it back up!
  12. Thanks so much for that info. Darn it, I would have much preferred the bag in Raisin but black will be OK as I have been looking for a black bag. (I seem to find myself second guessing at times) It's nice to know that in the future I will possibly have an option.
  13. I am dying for this bag. I just had it in my cart and someone nabbed it from me!!!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
    This is turning into a an obsession for me. I keep calling Saks and dying for one to pop up but I keep missing it. I HAVE TO GET THIS BAG IN RAISIN!!!
  14. I decided to Ebay it. Hopefully it will sell!
  15. was the raisin on sale or just the black? don't need another black kooba but if it's raisin, sure!