1. Hi All -

    I probably should know this but how limited in the Onatah GM? Do most of the LV stores have them (as well as leased locations) or is there a huge wait list? :confused1: Also, is the pochette easier to get then the GM? (And is the pochette oddly shaped?)

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. My LV store down here (Fashion Valley) had them in the case the other day..
    and IMO, the pochette is still kind of floppy until you fill it, just like the suede was.
  3. Thanks! That is great to know!!
  4. I know the LV store in Soho NYC has some if you're interested - call them to track one down!
  5. I'm on the wait list......around number 6 or something cuz my SA said she can't tell me......(but she whispered it to me and said that she KNOWS that there are about 5-6 ppl who already asked for it.....so ya.....lol she's nice!) anyhoo, I should be getting a call tomorrow for the GM!!! WOOHOO!!! can't wait! and about the "limitness"....IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY (cuz there were a LOT of other LE stuff...lol), I think there's about 5300 of them produced????......someone pls check this
  6. Does anyone have a photo of the pochette IRL?
  7. Is the leather onatah limited?
  8. I recently joined the PF and enjoy reading all of your posts. I came across this site by accident when I was looking for a specific bag that I googled. I have been hooked ever since! :smile:

    I purchased the leather onatah in mocha this past weekend at my local LV store. I actually went in to look at the new mono lin line that came out on Friday. After looking around, I wanted to purchase an epi but walked out with the onatah GM because I was told that it will probably be gone since they only had 2 at that store. They told me the epi that I wanted will always be there, but the onatah will probably sell out since it is a limited edition. Several SA told me to get the onatah so I listened to their advice and purchased it. I am very happy that I did. I also looked at the pochette and I agree that it looked a bit floppy.

    As of Monday, my local LV were sold out of the mocha GM and there were only a few aubergines left. I know they had the pochette in both colors.
  9. My local store only carried 2 of each colour and my SA said they wont be bringing in too many. Apparently the mocha is more difficult to get being more popular.
  10. I think I saw it on elux today!?!