1. anyone know how much are the onatah in Canada? looking for the onatah PM/ GM and the cluth. not the ones with the monograms pop out.. if u know what i mean
  2. I don't know the price off of the top of my head, but beware - I've heard stories about the jeans colour rubbing off on the Onatah! Yikes ! :wtf:
  3. i want a bbrown one, would the rubbing colour still be an issue?
  4. I would check with your SA but it does appear to have been an ongoing issue chez LV. I recall somewhere reading about hem having a "comprehension" policy wherein if this happened, they would just "fix" it and NOT ask questions.

    Ask Laurence, a.k.a. Dickies from tPF - he should be able to provide insight on this :smile:
  5. thanks alot. but do u know how they fix it?
  6. They exchange the bag for you. Fixed! (Store credit if you prefer as well)
  7. Will this be an issue with the leather ones??:sad:
  8. No because the leather will be less fragile
  9. I hope it will have no issues;)
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