Onatah with flowers

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  1. Anyone know where I can get a yellow onatah with the purtruding flowers.. like the ads??
  2. Get on the list @ LV :biggrin: From what I heard its pretty long though! At least for the boutiques here in HI.
  3. I have one and i LOVE mine!! :biggrin:
    Get it asap! My SA says that its going to be just this season~
  4. I have the orange pochette for sale if you are looking for just the normal LV suede....
  5. OHhh superbaby, it is sooo beautiful, I wish I didn't have a get on the waitlist for it. oh well i'll just have to wait. thanks for the picture.
  6. thanks noriko, I was just in hawaii and went to the LV in Ala moana mall. I saw the orange suede one there but I really wanted the one with the flowers.. thanks for the tip
  7. Thank you. I hope you'll get yours soon. :smile:
  8. try calling 1866 vuitton
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