Onatah, should I or shouldn't I ?

  1. I'm eying the onatah gm right now. Although I haven't seen it in person, its gorgeous!

    With those who have info, please share... What type of leather is it? Is it waterproof? Does it scratch easily? And I have no idea how much it is. I know it comes in dk. Brown and aubergene any other colors? Basically, should I or shouldn't I. Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes and yes ! I sooo wish I could get one, but this is going to have to go on the list of bags that I have missed for sure.

    It comes in brown and aubergine yes.
  3. Yes you should, esp. in aubergine :love:
    It looks absolutely gorgeous!
  4. i agree with you. i saw it on friday in moka, it belongs to someone else but my SA let me touched and tried it. the leather is so soft. i'm waiting for mine in aubergine. but i'm still deciding now. it's gorgeous, you should get it.
  5. YES! AUBERGINE IS SOOOOOO HOT! I'm waiting for mine! ~#6 in line on the list! Also, I tried on the Suede Onatah GM (orange), soooooooooo hot tooo! Also here are some other rare bags left over at the Montreal LV boutique:
    -Several RED VERNIS bags (eg bedford)
    -Frange Speedy 25
    -Velvet Chain bags (mini linda and pochette)
    -several perfo bags and accessories (eg speedy)
  6. I know nothing about it other than what I've seen from other PFers pics but I still think you should get it! It's gorgeous!! Especially is the Aubergine.
  7. lol! I'm in the same boat. I've yet to see it IRL, but from the pics I've seen here, it's gorgeous!!! :heart: I want it in Aubergine. I know that if you really want it, you should definitely get it before it's gone. :yes: I think someone posted that it is between $1500-1600?
  8. I say Yes!!! Both colors are gorg...I wouldnt know which one to pick!!
  9. hmm for some reason i dont like the onatah.. reminds me of MJ line ( i think the bag is called hobo banana!!!) of resort 06of bags. (www.marcjacob.com)

    In my opinion, when i pay big $$$ for LV bag i want it to be a unique design that was created for LV.. not partially! :flowers:
  10. It (leather) was available yesterday at LV in Neiman Marcus Fashion Island (Newport Beach). I didn't love it for me...but really because it is more BOHO than I typically go...

  11. That's exactly why I love the Onatah, it is BOHO!

    The Moka would go with almost everything, but aubergine is such a gorgeous color. I say go fo the aubergine!
  12. Yes! Go for it!
  13. I saw dark Chocolate and what I call eggplant - what is Moka? I'm color confused but I LOVE this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ABSOLUTELY!!!:yes: That is one GORGEOUS bag!!!
  15. First of all you SHOULD:graucho: . It only comes in Moka and Aubergine. The leather is calf leather, waterproof and as of all leather it'll scratch, easily or not I don't know yet.;)