Onatah problems :(

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  1. Well, it finally happened...my mom warned me not to buy the Onatah GM but I didn't listen...she is the same person who told me that a white bag is 'inpractical' because it will only get dirty which my response was 'mooooom, stop living so carefully and ENJOY your life and get what you WANT not what is 'best'"

    anyway, my fleur onatah has shown some significant inconveniences. First off, the dye rubs off on whatever you are wearing, so I have learned that on a hot day, do NOT wear a light colored top because otherwise all on your side you will have slight discoloration.

    also, 3 of my fleurs (suede flowers) have fallen off and I have no idea where or how. I am sure that I can take it back to the store for a fix but honestly, if you are paying over 2k for a bag, you would think it wouldn't be such a pain in the booty to wear. blah. :yucky:
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that! Really ~ for that kind of money, it should sew its own flowers back on..... :shame:

    I would complain to LV; that's just not right.
  3. well i would complain but I just was flipping through my carebooklet and lo and behold it says it right there in (small print) plain english that those two things will happen with wear.

    blah again.
  4. well, I guess it goes to prove that Mother is aways right.... :P

    I heard someone else say the flowers come off, but I didn't know that LV knew about it! That's just sad. It's such a beautiful bag though. What about the one w/o the flowers? Does that have the color transfer as well? Makes sense that it would I guess.
  5. OMG, I am trully sorry to hear that. That beyond sucks! I think you still have to go to LV to get fixed. I don't think it's acceptable when you paid large amount of money for it.
  6. That is ridiculus about the flowers. I also think you should go into LV and show them and see what they can do about it. When you pay that much for something I would be sooo PO'd if they didn't atleast attempt to fix the bag!!!
  7. im so sorry to hear about that! :sad: i've heard the same about the fleurs onatah, which is why i've tried to put it away from my mind (but its so gorgeous though!) so i went for the plain suede instead. so far i havent had any problems with it, but then again, i live in a relatively dry climate, and havent had the bag long enough to go through summer, so i hope it doesnt smudge all over my tops. does it go away though?

    anyhow, i think u should get the bag fixed!
  8. I don't mean to sound flip at all, but I think it's to be expected. When I sold handbags, Chanel was notorious for rubbing off too, and the flowers did look way too delicate for regular use. I love the Onatah, but they just aren't the best function wise. It's not just LV though as virtually every designer brand is coming up with something that won't last, and is aimed for the fashionistas with money to burn. I avoid that type of bag for that reason.

    I'm sorry you're having problems, but I'd definitely contact LV to see what they have to say.
  9. omg i hope LV can fix the fleurs for you... i have the plain one... i've only carried it a couple of times but i heard about the color transfer from michelle. i am carrying it today and wearing my favorite light colored citizens of humanity fleece jacket so i hope no color transfer!
  10. I am sorry about your Onatah :sad: . It seems that LV gives out those care booklets about the wear so that they would not be liable. IMO, it is really not acceptable for wear to show in less than a year, especially since you are paying so much for the quality of the bag.
  11. Wow I wouldnt be happy about that either :mad: Like you say it can be fixed but what about the color transfer :yucky:

    Sorry to hear, Maybe they will let you switch out the bag for something else.

  12. Sorry to hear that, it always sucks when you get a bag you want then it doesn't work out for some reason. I hope they take it back or at least offer to fix it for you!
  13. :cry:Sorry to hear that. Im having trouble w/ my new MC tote too. I just hate how these expensive bags have soo much drama. First the fading and the peeling and the zippers tarnishing. When will this half a$$ designs stop???? I'd take that in pronto. How are the fluers attached anyway? Studs or sewn on? :flowers: It should be like FORDS "Build to Last"or was it Chevy....:lol:
  14. the fleurs are kind of stamped in like bolted with a small ring or something. I just got off the phone with my SA and she said they would fix it free of charge of course, but that entails me going into the store and leaving it for a couple of weeks or whatever. she also said that I could totally exchange it if I decided it wasn't practical...so now I am torn.

    I wanted the fleurs because it was just soooo pretty and then I love the whole symbolic meaning of the Onatah (goddess) so I'm sad and confused lol.

    blah again. I guess I can leave it over the weekend, but then I have to decide which bag I will carry that matches the whole vibe I got going on now specifically for the onatah. how inconvenient!
  15. well even if they fix it you might have the same problems with the fleurs? if anything, get the plain one and another bag cuz w/ the plain one you can just make sure to carry it w/ dark colored clothing.