Onatah Leather GM Owners....Rain?

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  1. Quick question..

    Are the Onatah leather hobo bags safe in the rain? (not that it rains here often..lol) but I was just wondering...just in case..

  2. The suede ones certainly not but the leather one might be safe like other bags if it´s wiped dry afterwards.
  3. Ya, I'd think it would be like the Epi Leather....just wipe off. Hmm..
  4. The leather ones are completely safe, no need to baby them at all!
  5. I got caught in the rain with my Onatah and everything's fine (only a few drops made their way to the leather). I have the moka one, that is very dark anyway, but I didn't see any spots or watermarks afterwards.
  6. I've been caught in the rain several times since I got my leather gm (including the first day I carried it), and it is fine. The care booklet says to wipe it with a soft cloth if it gets wet, but I don't baby mine at all. It's an awesome bag!
  7. Hmm, Thx everyone!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  8. It's fine, mine's still great and I too got stuck in the rain the first day I wore it
  9. Do you Onatah leather owners spray anything on your bag? Apple Leather Guard, perhaps? What about spraying the guard on the "strap" which could receive the most stains since it is not made of leather?
  10. LVCRAZED...do u have a picture. I've never seen a picture of the Onatah leather bags expect on the website.