Onatah Leather GM or Damier Speedy 25?

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  1. So I am thinking about my first LV purchase and would like some advice. I have just turned 24 and gotten my first decent job, and would like to get myself and my mom (now that I can finally get her something really nice!) an LV. For my mom, I was going to pick something out to surprise her, but decided I should simply go with her to a store lest I pick something out that she doesn't like (a shame at such a price!)

    So now to my decision:

    I am quite partial to purple (of my handbags, I have two purple Coach bags, and a purple trimmed Gucci signature hobo), hence I am considering the Onatah Leather GM in Aubergine. I was originally thinking of the Onatah Pochette, but am looking for a medium size bag.

    But I also wonder if I should get a more staple LV for my first purchase like a Damier Speedy 25. Also, being an LV newbie, are the leather pieces are durable as the canvas ones?

    :heart: Any advice is much appreciated! :heart:
  2. Get the Onatah...sounds like you'll like it a lot and besides the damier speedy you can get ANYTIME!
  3. leather is definitely not as durable as canvas. i say go with the speedy. :yes:
  4. I would go with the Onatah. Its what you enjoy wearing...your a purple girl...roll with it...
  5. ooo tough choice...but i absoloutly love the onatah...the other one lv will probably always have anyway :smile: so you can get that another time.
  6. Onatah... the purple is rich and yummy. You can get the Damier speedy later since it's not LE.
  7. I would go for Onatah, for sure!

    As Mr Posh Spice pointed out you could get the Damier Speedy anytime!!
  8. Onatah for sure. I love that bag. Speedies - mah.
  9. haha i have both and i love both. BUT if i were to pick, i would choose onatah first because when it stops producing, you can't buy it anymore at retail, speedy, you can always get! and onatah is not as common, you want to make you first purchase special don't you? :smile:
  10. Thanks everyone. I think I need to go see the Onatah in person for size, etc to confirm. What about durability? Do I have to be super careful with the leather compared to canvas?
  11. If you love the Onatah and have the $$ to buy it, buy that one first, then Damier Speedy sometime later!
    I don't own an Onatah, but I imagine that you definitely have to be more careful with the Onatah...nothing beats the durability of LV canvas.
    If you want a durable bag, the Damier Speedy should be your choice.
  12. ooooh...the onatah aubergine is yummy! and i agree, ou can get the damier speedy anytime!
  13. The Onatah's great, except that the leather on the zipper peels...or at least mine does... It's def not as durable as the canvas speedy (or any other canvas bag), but it has mucho more WoWW factor!
  14. if you really like the onatah, i think you should get that first while it's still available.
  15. I love my onatah gm in aubergine! I haven't touched my speedy since I got it. Love it!!! Get the onatah!