onatah : I LOVE MY MOMMY

  1. haha..i really wanted the onatah but i dun have much money. well i was looking at the onatah picture and my mom look at it too and she thinks its pretty. she's gonna get me the bag, but i told her just contribute a portion of it. hehe ONATAH HERE I COME! and i let her choose teh colour and she pick aubergine :love: i got the best mommy in the world :heart:
  2. Congrats..! Happy for you too. ;)
  3. Very nice..congrats...so happy for you !!! don't forget the pics...
  4. yes i'm so jealous!!
    lol why can't my mom endorse my love for lv?? hmm?
    haha but now at least i can stare at your bag all the time!!
    :drool: lol muah :drool:
  5. Congrats.
  6. congrats!!! you do have the best mom! i was so in love with the onatah when i saw the pics, especially aubergine. But after i tried it on, I just couldn't carry it off...i guess it's ok though cuz I don't have the money for it anyways.

    Please share pics with us after you get it :nuts: !!
  7. Congratulations!! Mommies are soo giving!!! When I was deciding between the Speedy 25 and the Trouville, she told me to get the Trouville (my bf's birthday present to me) and she bought me the Speedy 25!!!
  8. how sweet of her :heart:

    congrats dear ... dont forget we need Pix
  9. i will post pix asa i get my bag :smile: will go this week :smile:
  10. :yahoo:Congrats for your new Anatah :yahoo:
    Anyway, your mommy is SUPER MOM :smile:
  11. Congrats and great mom you have!! :yahoo:
  12. I felt the same today I tried the gm and pochette but it just wasn't my style. The leather is so yummy. Congrats on your new bag:yahoo:
  13. Wohoo!!
  14. :love: That's sooooo nice of your mum....mum's always the best:yes: You'll love it!!!! Cannot wait to see the pics:graucho: Congrats!!
  15. Congrats! You are mom is terrific! Post pics!