Onatah GM in Cacao - is it hard to keep clean?


Handbag Freak!
Jul 16, 2006

I have a chance to get the Onatah bag (Cacao) in a very reasonable price, but I have heard that it's very hard to keep clean. Please, share your experiences because I don't know if I dare to buy it... I want a bag for everyday use. There are already too many just hanging in my closet :P

Thank you so much!


Mar 1, 2006
It shouldn't be too bad, since cocoa is a medium dark brown - not as sensitive to stains or colour transfer as the orange or yellow. But suede is obviosly not very resistant to water and scratching, so you'd have to be a bit more careful than if you had a canvas bag, such as damier or mono. I wouldn't worry, it would make a great everyday bag as long as you don't bring it out in snow or rain all the time. And I would personally make sure not to carry a suede bag (of any colour) on a brand new dark denim jacket or similar - they always leave colour transfer on shoulderbags. There are suede protection sprays you could use to prevent water spots. Good luck!