Onatah Gm Cuir Help!

  1. HI, does anyone know if this bag is seasonal? LE? or permanant. I asked my SA and she said its permanant, but i remember reading here on the forum that this bag is LE..hmmm...
    and should i get this bag? its 1750 CAD? if i buy it, i would give up on my bleeding dam. speedy 25 (manager offers me store credit, exchange or another one), however, even if i give it up, i still gotta add like 1300 CAD..
    if this bag is really permanant, i think i should wait till i save up enough money? since i still gotta pay off my credit card..hmm id unno what to do..the onatah is soo pretty.:love:
  2. I think the suede is limited edition and the leather is permanent.. but i could be wrong :smile:
  3. They both are limited. My SA said they will be gone by Christmas.
  4. they are limited edition......(both suede and cuir)....otherwise I wouldn't have trampled over 4 kids while running over to my local LV boutique, SA girl was like.... "GET HERE NOW! cuz it's LE, otherwise, i'm giving it to the next person"......