Onatagh GM LV bag question ??

  1. What do you think of this bag -- would you buy it , how much would you pay for it , is it worth it ????
  2. I like the smaller version, but very beautiful bag.
  3. i like it a lot! but won't buy it because of the suede thing... i'll ruin hat expensive bag less than a week :p
  4. I can get a brown GM for $800 . normal one bot the flower one .. is that good
  5. I've got the onatah leather GM in aubergine and I love it:love: , it's my everyday bag. it's a great bag and the leather is so soft.
  6. Very cute bag!!!! I love the aubergiene color!
  7. I've got the Suede GM and I think it wasn't worth it. The bag is super sensitive and I am barely able to use it. But if you can get it less than retail for $800 sounds good. Get it. It's still very cute! : )
  8. If it's the suede one IMO don't get it as it'll wear out very quickly and hard to clean. If it's the leather one get it as $800 is an awesome price.
  9. I have the leather onatah gm in aubergine and I absolutely love it. It is the most carefree bag I own. I carried it for three straight months after I bought it. I changed to my speedy this week, but I'm about to ditch it for my onatah. I don't think I could own it in suede, though.
  10. i like the leather one not the suede one.
  11. I have the the leather one in aubergine. I don't carry it much, probably 5X total since it's launch (oct 18 in canada). I'm planning on giving it to my mom... My dad likes it for its subtleness, and my mom's not the 'loud' type, so ya..... she's been using it a couple of times now. However, I still love the bag, it's great! :biggrin: The leather is really nice too. I'd definitely buy it for 800$ which is quite cheap compared to its retail price.
  12. its the suede one
  13. I have the suede in PM. Love it very much! Unfortunately, I ruin it the 2nd time I used it! But since it's in brown, it's not that bad.