?? on Zap green

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  1. Are the Zap Green bags considered to be a crinkle patent? I just got a pre-owned HH turnlock clutch wallet for a great price but it does have one or 2 spots of bad color wear on the edges ( color is gone). Anyone ever tried to touch up Zap Green with anything? Thanks
  2. I don't think it would really be in the crinkle patent family... I think the Zap Green is kind of on its own... but more experienced HHHotties will be able to ring in and confirm...
  3. I haven't seen it IRL but it looks like a metallic to me.
  4. Its not crinkle patent. It does have a smooth slick texture where mostly anything wipes right off. You might go over to our Care thread and ask our resident Leather Goddess, Stormy, if she has any suggestions.
  5. once it's rubbed off, you can't really do much for it i don't think. maybe stormy might have some suggestions.

    it is totally not what i expected when i received my zap green wallet. it's not like the crinkled patents but it looks like a metallic with a clear coat. once that clear coat is gone, it'll start rubbing off the metallic on it.
  6. BTW.... ZAP looks REALLY nice with NAVY BLUE attire. :biggrin:
  7. ^^Or white. Or pink. Or purple!!!!