On your feet at work? What brands do you wear?

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  1. Okay, so I'm a teacher and forever on the hunt for a comfortable pair of shoes that look great. I typically wear 3-4" heels (wedges, mostly, but doesn't really matter). Now the ones I've worn for a year (or 2!) seriously have to go, but they need to be replaced with good shoes that will not kill me after 8 hours. Are there any brands that you find are consistently comfortable?
  2. Kenneth Cole - consistently comfortable. I can't say the same for Kenneth Cole Reaction.

    Christian Louboutin - Simple 85, Yoyo 100, Yoyo 85, Yoyospina 100 are comfortable for 8 hours.
  3. chanel and manolo are always comfortable for me, no matter what. I work retail and am on my feet all day.
  4. BCBG Girl, I find them super comfy and get loads of complements.
  5. cole haan w/nike air. they never fail me :smile: plus you can always find some on sale!
    today i was at DSW and scored their black flats for $60!! so cute and so comfy!
  6. Prada.. consistently awesome ! :heart:
  7. ^^totally agree about the Prada. Some YSL pump styles are also really comfy. Manolo Blixa has been a good style for me, too, though I've never tried to spend 8 hours standing in them.
  8. I'm lucky... I can work all day in my Tory Burch. It's cheaper than Manolos!
  9. target flats!!! but if I have meetings I'd wear my liz claiborne pumps...should I add that I'm only 23???
  10. Tory Burch, while chasing kids around.
    Back when I had my office job I had some lisa nading low heels that were supremely stylish. I also wore Thierry Rabotin (pricey, but comfortable like Taryn Rose), Gucci ballet flats, Repettos, and Dansko booties. If I were to describe the absolute most comfortable pair I wore, it would be my Danskos. They aren't gorgeous by any stretch of the word, but they look good. They're also very slip-resistant. I would also recommend Campers.
  11. Almost always Prada for suits/dressy days - comfy and cute. For dress down days Prada, Tory Burch and even Juicy ballet flats.
  12. Cole Haan and Louboutins. Miu Mius are quite comfortable too!
  13. Mostly brands like Aldo, Nine West, Steve madden, bcbg girls and MbMJ flats and its mainly because I am lazy and don't take good care of my shoes. But I sometimes wear my manolos too, the comfortable ones. I don't have a problem with wearing heels in the office but my walk from my car to office is a long one and I cannot manage that in heels.
  14. Tory Burch, Gucci, CL, Nine West and Cole Haan. I know, my list runs the gammit!
  15. chanel and my now new cole haan