On which occasions do you use/plan to use your Miroir bags?

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  1. Hi all

    I was wondering if you use your miroir bags as every day bags or as 'party' bags.

    I have the pochette, whichh is for me a very cute bag for a night out..

    and the Silver speedy which I plan to use when meeting my friends for coffee and shopping.

    I don't think that I would use it for work (It isn't a swanky office or anything)

    How about you?
  2. I'm going to use my gold speedy for going out, not for work. I'm a clinical psychologist in training, so its not really appropriate for my workplace.
  3. I wouldn't use my pochette (or any other Miroir bag, if I owned one) for work or school...it just doesn't seem very appropriate IMO.
    I'll mainly use my silver pochette for dates with boyfriend, but I would not bring it out to work (even though I work at a restaurant and it doesn't matter what purse I carry) because I'm scared of getting it scratched. I would not bring it to school because people will stare at it all day, and I would not bring it out shopping because it doesn't hold enough!
  4. My Silver Speedy will be used casually..it'll go with a lot of things! The gold pochette will be a "going out" bag :yes:
  5. I will use it whenever it looks good with my outfit.
  6. I will carry it every single day and night when I go out (not to work) between Thanksgiving and New Year, because the bag automatically matches everything I wear (or I just wear matching clothes for the holiday season so eventually everything matches).

    Other than that... I guess I'll only wear it to go to parties
  7. I have used my silver Speedy every day since I received it, but not at night. I wonder how long I can use it before it's "out."
  8. I have carried mine for 3 days straight so far and LOVING IT. I was a little worried at first...(scratching it etc...) Im over that now. I will use the gold papi for evening. Speedy is too big for an evening bag for me. I do not think any Miroir bag will be "out" here....no one has one! lol AND what a conversation starter it been the last few days!!
  9. I know! I have people come up and ask if they can touch it.
  10. I was just about to say that! :lol: I use mine for work when I it looks good with my outfit, and I work in a high-level Admin position, but it doesn't stop me from looking good. I always get compliments and it doesn't seem to be inappropriate in anyway.:jammin:

    I think it looks great even at night, like when I go out with my friends to dinner and a lounge, although a cramped up bar might be a totally different thing. I would go with the pochette in that case.;)
  11. exactly!
  12. hum....I've used my gold pap during day time, mainly w/nice pair of jeans. Pochette will be for night out :smile:
  13. I use my miroir speedy everyday, and it's not too flashy.
  14. pretty much agree with everyone else.
    my gold pochette is a "going out" bag.
    silver speedy is everyday shopping bag etc & just got my gold speedy so now I'll alternate between them