On which continent were you born?


On which continent were you born? (in order of size)

  1. Asia

  2. Africa

  3. North America

  4. South America

  5. Europe

  6. Australia

  7. Other. (eg I was born on an island,in a plane etc!)

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  1. I've noticed that we're a terribly international bunch,and thought it would be great to see this :smile:.

    I was born in South Africa and lived there all my life,but have now been in the Netherlands for 5 years and will be for a while since my hubby is Dutch.
  2. I was born in Texas!
  3. Born in Texas~
  4. Born in NYC.
  5. I was born in Nigeria(West Africa).
  6. North America!
  7. I was born in Mexico, which is part of North America.
  8. Europe!
  9. Asia
  10. Where's Antartica as a choice LOL?

    I was born in Asia (S. Korea to be exact) but on American territory. My dad's American and happened to be in the Air Force at the time.
  11. Wichita Falls, by any chance? That's where I was born.
  12. I was born in Seattle!
  13. Nope! HOuston
  14. North America!
  15. Houston is such a lovely city. My DH and I visited there about 15 years ago and had a really nice time!:smile: