On what planet is it ok (RANT)...

  1. To ask a woman if she's "having a baby"??????? I've been feeling a bit overweight lately, but woke up this morning feeling great about my outfit and especially how I looked in it, and went to work. I just walked into our financial department when a woman stopped me and said 'are you having a baby'?? The others around tried to cover for her and told her to 'put on her glasses', but everyone was obviously embarrassed. Mind you, I am 5'2" and weight about 118... When the *%&$ is it ever ok to ask a woman that???? Especially if you're another woman who would under no circumstances want to be asked that, IN PUBLIC, AT WORK. :mad: I wouldn't even ask a woman who looks like she's about to pop that question...
  2. LOL Sanguar!! So funny, this has happened to me. I'm 5'2" and 100 pounds.

    I was wearing a babydoll-type dress and was with my boyfriend when a woman started squealing, "Ohhh, when is the baby due?? You two must be sooo excited!"

    I feel your pain!!
  3. oh you poor thing, that is absolutely horrible. At 118 lbs, you are not overweight at all. I completely agree with you, even if somebody looks very pregnant, I NEVER ask them about their bump because you just never know for sure.

    Put it down to a crap day, and know that tomorrow is going to be better. I bet you never feel the same way about your outfit today though, all because of some loud mouthed idiot :sad:
  4. i'm 5'2 and used to weigh 108 (back in my semi-skinny days :sad2:smile: and the security guard at the supermarket if i was pregnant and patted my belly......don't feel bad this seems to happen to a lot of us :lol:
  5. Touched your belly?! This is never okay, even if you were actually having a baby!
  6. i've been asked if im expecting twice!!!!! how could people ask if they are not 100% sure? I would never ask.
  7. I mean I just felt like crying. And still do. You try so hard to work out, etc... I'm not even wearing a baby doll dress (but think they would be great for maternity wear when the time does come!)... Stretch-y pants and a t-shirt. Ugh. B*&ch.
  8. Sanguar, you could not be considered overweight in your wildest dreams. Maybe this woman forgot to put in her contacts this morning or else she forgot to take her lithium! Don't worry about it, you sound like you're fit and gorgeous!:idea:
  9. i feel like cuz i'm short and kinda look like a little kid strangers feel like it's okay to touch me :huh:....plus he's just overly friendly.....but i was seriously offended by the pregnancy comment :mad:..........

    and sanguar i'm sure you looked great and the woman felt like a complete and utter fool :biggrin:
  10. Sweetie, if we all cried when some half-wit:wacko: said something stupid the tears would never end. Unless you want to isolate yourself from the world ya gotta expect this type of moron.
  11. Thanks guys. I've worked with this chick for almost a year (we only have about 60 people in our firm).
  12. well the girl who said it to me was my new boss after I had been at the company 2 weeks so i couldnt even say anything...and FYI she wasn't embarassed.
  13. OMG!!!! Yes- I've had that happen-- the worst was when I had not quite lost the 'baby' weight yet :shame: and was pushing my 10 week old son in a stroller!! I just gave the woman an evil look and she backed off!!:lol:

  14. I would have grabbed his nuts in a vice like grip and said "ohhhh your boys are sooo cute!"

  15. oh selena if only i had that kinda nerve :P........this man was like 2 feet taller than me :oh:.....i just kinda cringed/smiled and walked away.......

    and sanguar i agree about asking people if they're pregnant....unless i know for sure i never bring it....it's definitely not something you wanna be wrong about :amuse: