On waitlist...

  1. Put myself on the waitlist for the Palmero PM...hope it doesn't take forever lol.
  2. I want to put myself on the waitlist for the Tivoli PM, but I would rather buy from Eluxury since the return policy is better since I haven't tried the bag on, yet.

    Good luck! I hope you don't have too long a wait. Did they give you any indications as to how long?
  3. They just got one in today, but had 15 people on the list..so...it may be awhile unless they start getting more than 1 in at a time.. :push:
  4. if you are not in hurry to get this bag, I agree w/maeve elux is the best way. Saves me tax :yes: the GM was in stock here and there during x-mas :yes:
  5. So with eLux, do you just keep checking to see if its available, or call?
  6. you can place yourself on wait list via personal shopper assistance, but don't rely on it. the best bet is the check elux yourself, midnight is when they update inventory :yes:
  7. kewl thanks!