On waitlist for Amarante? Got it already? Hands UP!

  1. Are you on the waitlist for something amarante? What?

    DId you get anything already? Post pictures!

    I just got on the waitlist for the sunset boulevard, it's about 4000 NOK. The Sa looked really chic, tan and newly coiffed today ^_^
  2. Do you know the dimensions for the Sunset?
  3. Oo when is it coming out this month? or abit later? I can't wait to see pics when people start to get amarante stuff :yes:
  4. Well, she didn't tell me exact, but she showed me the dimensions with hand measurement, and it looked a little bigger than the poche lunettes. Judging from the price, it should be quite roomy for a small piece.
  5. I just now called and put myself on the list for the cles!! It is being released on the 15th and I am first on the list! I SO want a whole purse in this color!
  6. Ordered the billfold snap wallet this evening. Should arrive by the end of the week.:yahoo:

  7. Thanks for the info, Liberté!:flowers:
  8. o...i can't wait to get a pochette wallet
  9. I'm not on a list because I know my store will have them in, but I'm planning on getting a Reade PM. I AM on the list for the Inclusion pieces though (bangle, ring, Speedy keyring).
  10. I got myself on the waitlist for the amarante sunset blvd. too!!!!~ yeay! 2nd person on the waitlist for my store.
  11. Might get an agenda...not sure if I'll get a whole purse or not!
  12. Getting the zippy wallet (of course)! :love: This will be #4 for the zippy wallet for me......just think they are so functional! =)
  13. I'm not waitlisting (my store will have them, like Rebecca's) but I also want a zippy! But this would be my first zippy. I love the look of I want!I want!'s French purse, but worry that it will be hard to close if I need to carry a lot of (smaller!) bills or coins.

  14. same here.. i am tossing between the zippy and the french purse also... :yahoo: arhhh i really cant wait to see the colour IRL
  15. I whined at my DH, since my b-day is in a few weeks I told him I want the Reade PM in this color, so i just called and added that to my list along with the cles! I'm so excited!