"On vehicle for delivery"

  1. Those are the sweetest words I could have read this morning - my zoe clutch will be waiting for me at home later today :wlae: !!!!

    So very excited!

    But, I need to take a moment and share with you how much this board has stoked my obsession. Not only does my bag being delivered totally make my day, but I'm already lusting after the next bag I want! I'm not even holding the clutch yet!!

    Hello, my name is willowsmom and I am a bagaholic . . .

    Sick, sick, sick. It's a darn good thing I work (and that I control our finances)!
  2. I am the same way! Congrats willowsmom!! :yahoo: I should get a delivery tomorrow, and I'm already ready to go in and get my next item! :yes:
  3. Can't wait to see pics of your clutch!! YIPPEE I have the same ailment as you, I ordered the clover charm for my shoulder bag as a pick me up for the end of January blues. Am always looking at and admiring everyone's new purchases and getting too many new ideas.
  4. Hello willowsmom....I'm kstyle and I'm a Coachaholic!!!! Congrats on your Zoe, I have it in all black.
  5. I love those words too. My Mandy in whiskey is OFD right now too!!!
  6. :yahoo: Yea!!! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics!! Isn't that the greatest feeling ever - to know you are going to have a "present" waitting for you!!
  7. ^^^ bags4bubbles - I'm such a kid - I get really excited knowing it's going to be there in a few hours!!! And work has been so crappy lately, it's a nice little pick-me-up (especially on days like today when I work from 9 am - 8 or 9 pm)!
  8. On vehicle for delivery... LOVE those words!

    Don't forget to post pics and enjoy!
  9. yeah, post pics!

    what kills me is "on board for delivery" at 7am. and i get my package at 6 that night! that's way too much waiting for coach!!! someone should tell fedex to deliver coach packages first!
  10. Haha! I agree!
  11. Amen! :yes:
  12. Aww, exciting!
  13. yeehah!!! so excited for your clutch!!! i bet it's so darn pretty!
  14. Those are the best words when I order anything, but when it's Coach... let's just say there is a lot of dancing going on when I read that! My hubby calls it the "Coach Happy Dance." I have to try really hard to contain it at work!

  15. LOL Krysty! I am like that too except I "flap" my hands when I get real excited (and Coach does that to me). Over the years, I've learned to contain or tone down the "flappage" but I still do it (which cracks my parents up since I'm 34 and still doing something they thought was cute when I was 3 - I don't think it's as cute now though)!

    I will definitely post pics as soon as I can!!