On Vehicle for Delivery!

  1. Yes but I've heard this one before! Both my ergo tote and my daughers heritage top handle pouch are listed as being on the truck for delivery, but the expected date is tomorrow. I'm going to be sending "slow package day" vibes to my Fed Ex guy so maybe since its already on his truck, he can bring it to me today and save himself the trip tomorrow!!
  2. I'll send you some vibes too!!!!! :tup: Hope your bags come today!!:smile:
  3. I just checked too and mine is supposedly on the truck for delivery as well. Mine's also scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I'm wondering if they have to deliver it if it's on their truck? I don't want poor Madeline to be kept in a cold truck overnight!:sad: lol......*crosses fingers* Sending good vibes your way. Hope we get our bags today!!!
  4. Hi LA! No, unfortunately, I've found that even if its on the truck, they technically dont have to deliver it until the date specified. I think ONCE one of my packages came a day early, so I'm not counting on it!! Ill send slow package day vibes to your FedEx guy too!!
  5. Oh bummer.....maybe I'll go find my Fex Ex guy and take my package.:angel: Oh well, I live in the middle of nowhere.....so there's not a ton of people who live in my area BUT they all online shop.....soooo.....it could work either way....
  6. Can't wait for y'all's pics!!
  7. I have the same message for my bag too, that it's out on delivery but scheduled for tomorrow. I'm hoping since it is going to the store they will deliver it, but it depends on when they make their stops at the mall. If it's after five I will have to get it tomorrow.
  8. I can't wait to see it, Donnalynn
  9. OOOh I hope you gals get it sooner. I know a lot of times fedex or ups will give you a date, but most of the time it comes earlier than the expected date.
  10. Donna, I can't wait to read your reveals of your bags....I am considering the heritage stripe demi (would be better for me than pouch but I figure they are similar enough) and would definitely like to see how your daughter likes her pouch!
  11. Donnalynn and LAtiero.. hang in there!!! Your beautiful bags will be here really soon!!:yahoo:
  12. I hope it gets there today.. sending vibes your way!!! :tup:
  13. Yay mine got delivered! I hope you gals get yours as well.
  14. Donnylynn...hang in there!!! I know it is tough waiting for your Coach.
    Post lots of pics!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. hopefully he comes earlier then expected..that would be awesome.