On tPF at 2:00 AM---where are you ?

  1. I'm always here in the wee small hours (American time that is) because I work at night. So, who are my fellow night-owls, and is it actually night-time where you are?
  2. Right now in Los Angeles is going to be 10 at night! I ususally stay up until 1 or 2. I always have like 3 or 4 windows open, but this forum is number 1. But tonight I am going to bed early! lol.
  3. I'm in Saudi Arabia here :smile: 9:43am..woke up a bit ago ^^
  4. Fellow night owl here!!! Usual bed time is 2:00- 2:30 on weekdays, 4 am on weekends, depending how tired I am.

    I mainly stick around here or in the LV subforum in the authentication thread. :p

    [Currently 12:45 am in Texas.]
  5. It's not even 11 in Cali, but sometimes I'm here at 4 AM. I'm just like that.
  6. 10:47pm over here in cali!

    watching tv and doing hw, surfing net and thinking of what book to curl up in bed to read ;)
  7. Hey all! I'm on pure adrenaline...about 11pm pacific here and i'm going on 4 hours sleep after some late night/early a.m. work to be done (with success!). So I am feeling a little jet lagged.

    Sometimes I'm on here in the weekends a.m. and sometimes late weeknights, depending...
  8. I am always amazed how many people are on late night. I usually am on 8-11 pm Hawaii Time and there are still a bunch of people on from all over and I know it is waaaaay late! So many night owls!
  9. 1:54 here east coast. i'm always up!
  10. It's around 1:10pm here and I like TPF-ing in the late evening! It's a smaller crowd, I think, and not too busy so pages load up faster.
  11. Have you guys noticed a lot of spammers this evening?
  12. The time is now 11:44 at ten seconds...beep...
    The time is now 11:44 at twenty seconds...beep...

    Early still here in CA
  13. It's 5:30pm on 1st Feb in Singapore. Another 1/2 hour before I get off work! :choochoo:
  14. Im usually on at around 1am or 2am Hawaii time since I log on after the kids are asleep and everything around the house is done. I love it since I have nothing to distract me!