On this site...Who would you name the EXPERTS??

  1. I've noticed alot of people will refer you to another person if you have anuthentcity about certain brand.....Well girls...its time to give the title to the girls who have the KEEN eye for authetic bags and saving us $$$$$$$$ that we might of spent on AAA fakES!!:Push:

    Who do you think/are the experts in the following:
    3.Louis Vuitton
    5.Marc Jacobs
  2. For LV, I ask Ayla and Jewelbear.
  3. for some reason when i was creating this topic all I can name and think of was Noriko and Ayla hahah they are always the ones people wait to reconfirm they're suspipcions hahahaa
  4. Aww.. thanks guys ! :shame:

    I would say Caannie, Blackbutterfly and Jewelbear really know their stuff for Louis Vuitton !
  5. This is a great thread! BUt I have to say that I think collectively there are a TON of experts around here, and its really really hard to narrow it down.
    Every brand: Greenie, Loganz, Pseub. Aside from these three:
    Balenciaga: CeeJay (she is the queen of b-bags), Angstofgumby, Kat, HelenZ, Balenciagalove, Ranskimmie, Irissy, Tanja, Murasaki, ChloeConcord
    Hermes: Greentea and Gigi are UNBELIEVABLE!!! HermessBB, LeVan also are fantastic!
    Chloe: Angstofgumby, ETernebris,
    Marc Jacobs: Daisy knows a ton, although she is modest!

    Ayla, Amanda, Printmodel, Cristina, Swanky, Selena, IntlSet, also have a ton of knowledge and always give great advice.
    Ok, that is all I can think of now. Will edit if I can think of more!
  6. hahah WOW....u have some memory~!!!
  7. ^^^ I am on this site WAY too much! BUt seriously, all the ladies around here are pretty much experts! That is what brings us all together- our common obsession with handbags!

    Check out Baggaholic's, MssTammy (shoes esp.) and Kat's collections too! Unbelievable!
  8. :shame: :shame: :shame: Thanks! Everything I need to know I learned from the Purse Forum :amuse: :P

    Hermes - gigi leung, La Vanguardia, Kellybag, melisande, Greentea
    Chanel - Kat, IntlSet, melisande
    Louis Vuitton - ayla, jewelbear, Tanja, blackbutterfly
    Chloe - Loganz, SoCal
    Marc Jacobs - Pseub
    Gucci - I'm not a big Gucci fan, so I'm not really sure! :shame:
    Fendi - Same as Gucci
    Balenciaga - Loganz, angstofgumby, mlertpac

    All around advice - amanda, Loganz, IntlSet, Greenie, Kat, pursegalsf, melisande and just about everyone else! :nuts:
  9. Thanks Cristina!
  10. PS I agree with everybody -- ALL of the members mentioned above are absolutely fabulous. I have appreciated their help in many instances.

    Oh. Jill is great for Prada! I like to use her as a second set of eyes.
  11. AWE! Thanks Melisande...By the way..You and I would be entirely DANGEROUS in a Prada store together!! LOL!!
  12. Louis Vuitton: ayla and jewelbear
    Chanel: intlset

    those are the only "specialized" forums i look at!
  13. ayla is definitely my go-to gal for all things LV!
  14. That is so true, Jill!
  15. LV - caanie, ayla
    Hermes - greentea

    i'm sure there are others, but those are the people who've helped me most on threads i've started. everyone is so helpful and knowelegable here, i feel like i've been to bag college or something. :smile: