On The Wings Of Homelessness

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  1. Do any of you have the illegals hanging out in a particular corner of a particular part of town where they wait for anyone to come pick them up for day labor?

    We have several locations here, and also have seen them in different cities i visited.

    My dad has used them quite often, and as a matter of fact, has about 5 that he picks up from their trailers, gives them jobs to do, takes them home and feeds them every day.

    He of course trusts them completely, although there are a couple of them that are not allowed to come to my parents house without my dad being there.

    He pays them very well; but it is hard labor.....rock work and building fences, etc. They don't seem to mind and my dad says they work hard. They work with him until its time to go back to Mexico for a few months and then return.

    There has been a couple of times he has had to fire one or two because they try to take advantage of my dad's good nature. I am afraid sometimes because they could do harm to him if they were to get really pissed. He also carries quite a bit of cash in his pocket because he pays them daily in cash, and he never fails to pull the wad out in front of them. You just never know how desperate any one of them can get and attack my dad for the money.

    He has been doing this for years, so I pray they appreciate his kindness and don't hurt him.
  2. Abby, not trying to be rude at all, but what are you asking for? If others do this too? Does this just belong in the homeless thread...

    If this gets into illegal immigration and people illegally living in the US, this thread will go downhill FAST.
  3. I'm also confused as to how the title of this thread relates to the post.:confused1:
  4. Um okay.
  5. Hi. You can delete this if you want. I was actually wondering if anyone had these guys hanging on any corners looking for work.

    It was not meant for a debate on wether helping illegals out or not was bad, just wondering if other parts of the country have the same "problem" with them. They aren't homeless, just can't really get legal jobs and just hang out waiting for work.

    Don't want to offend anyone.
  6. I am not going to comment about how I feel regarding your post.
    I will however tell you this....

    I am American, but am in another country at the moment. I have been for a long time now. I am going through the immigration process for my dh, so we can live in the US. We have been doing the paper work for over 3 years now. We have had to answer and re-answer questions from our immigration officer. To prove we are not living a sham marriage, that we aren't going to come to the US and live off of welfare, to prove many other things. It has been tough as I never thought I would have problems getting back into my own country with my family. We are going through the system legally-I also don't understand what you are trying to post?
  7. ^^^

    My friend V. married a man from Mexico who was here on a work visa, I believe. They are in the process of obtaining citizenship for him and it sounds like it's been a huge PIA.

  8. It has been a complete nightmare. We never knew that it would be like this. :confused1:
  9. I know the process all too well now and it is gut-wrenching and just horrible. People who LEGALLY try to stay here have such a hard time.

    I guess this is not a good thread for me to be in, for many reasons, so I am stepping aside :sweatdrop:
  10. Getting citizenship in the U.S. is a b!tch; just ask my mother and around 2/3rds of my family.

    At the same time, I don't really know what you're getting at in your post. Are you stating that you're afraid the workers will hurt your father? Citizens can do the same thing, so why do you feel this way?
  11. I apologize^ it really hit home. I also will stay out of this thread:sad:.
  12. As long as the sweet, innocent folk continue to hire "them" while paying "them" in cash and NOT paying taxes or providing benefits and OSHA approved working conditions, we'll always have this "problem" I reckon.
  13. I'm from Mexico and I don't see how "illegals" would be any more money-hungry than US citizens. We're not all thieves, you know?
  14. ^ That's exactly what I was getting at.
  15. :confused1:
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