On the topic of best green ever, vert foncé (dark green)? How will it compare...

  1. How wil this new f/w color vert foncé (dark green) compare to emerald green and sapin? I need to know... biting my nails. One of you fantastic insiders who actually get to see bbags in person before buying them must have heard something from an SA. I just hope and pray that it is good. Wouldn't it be amazing if they snuck in a lavender, more so than periwinkle?Thanks in advance girls.:confused1:
  2. Anybody??? I love green and BBags!
  3. I first thought I wanted the dark olive, but then decided on the Pine. Daphne said the DO was "very dark" and rich, but it sounded like it would be too close to my Café, so I decided to go with a lighter green, and take the plunge into gold GH. Green is my favorite color, but I prefer warmer greens, a little more earth-tone-y, and all of the greens they've put out the three seasons have been very cool in tone.
  4. Green, followed by blue is my favorite so I've toyed with the Emerald...however I think I probably have picked the most difficult Bbag color to actually find in the size I want. Of course I covet the "older" previous years emerald also.