? on the the bigger MJ Pan am bag.....

  1. Was thinking about grabbing one of these for the gym. My current gym bag is starting to kill my shoulder so want a hand carry one. Does this have a good amount of pockets? Or is it more one open space?
  2. I have it in blue. It definitely only has one big open space. I'm at work so I can't look at it right now but if I remember correctly, it only has one inside pocket. Hope this helps!
  3. It's pretty roomy! But from what I remember, cheryl is right, it's only a big open space and not divided. It's super cute!
  4. hmmmmm I can probably deal with 1 pocket if it were a big pocket - for a little make up, deodorant etc. well - when someone gets a chance to check theirs out please let me know! gym bags are so boring.......I'd love something cute.
  5. the pocket is pretty big. i used it for traveling and throw in accessories, phone chargers, etc, into the pocket. and i think the straps are comfortable in the hand or over the shoulder.
  6. The pocket is kind of big, but I would suggest using a makeup pouch or or something! The bag is really spacious, so you can fit almost anything in there if you try:supacool:

    Only thing is it can be painful to carry (if you want to carry it on you shoulder) as it's very heavy and BIG if you stuff it!