On the subject of SA's...how do you request yours?

  1. I noticed that a lot of you have your own SA at your LV store...and I was just wondering how you all go about "requesting" yours when they are working?

    If you walk into the store and someone else trys to help you, what do you say? What if your SA is busy with someone else at the moment? Do you wait or do you let the other person help you?

    I've always wondered how you allmanaged this!
  2. You simply ask for them--the same way I do with my favorite servers around town--and if they're busy, I'll probably wait for awhile or come back later.
  3. I always politely tell the SA that I am waiting for my SA. I think as long as I'm nice about it, the other SA won't care.

    I will wait for my SA if he/she is busy.
  4. I dont use just one SA execept for when I special order or have a question that I know the floor SAs does not know. Which is quite often by the way....ugh.....

    I just walk in, look around, walk up to the available SA and say, " Hey, Im here for the Chelsea, in Damier. Can u please bring out 2-3 to choose from, thanks". And it goes from there...if they fustrate me in anyway, I act very impatient and say, "Is Marie(Manager) here today? I need to talk to her". I try to get to the point with them b/c they can be rude or inpatient sometimes so I try to set a tone.
  5. I wait for my SA. I don't mind looking around for a while if she's busy. ;) If another SA asks if I need help I just say that I'm already being helped.
  6. LOL There are 4 SAs at the LV store near me that are awesome, so I can usually find at least one of them that is free to help me:smile: