On The Silk Road: New H-Scarf Pamphlet

  1. Hopefully this isn't a redundant post, but I just received this in the mail yesterday; some lovely photos of scarves in action for all you scarfies. There's a detailed list of what scarves they used, but the text is tiny--so I didn't photograph it. If you're curious about a scarf used, just post your request and I can list out the relevant info.:yes:
    CIMG2876.jpg CIMG2864.jpg CIMG2866.jpg CIMG2868.jpg CIMG2870.jpg
  2. More pix:
    CIMG2871.jpg CIMG2872.jpg CIMG2873.jpg CIMG2874.jpg CIMG2875.jpg
  3. Some more:
    CIMG2877.jpg CIMG2878.jpg CIMG2879.jpg CIMG2880.jpg CIMG2881.jpg
  4. Last one:
  5. Just got mine too...haven't had a chance to check it out though. Also, The Le Monde and the scarf books always incite major H cravings.

    Orchids, you are so lucky to be going to Paris. Aaah..Paris, in April. What an idyllic time you'll have!!!
  6. ^^I totally know what you mean EMNH--it's one thing to see a scarf on-line or in a case, but then to see them used in such extraordinary ways, always makes me want to buy! I'm looking forward to Paris---will take a lot of pix for sure!
  7. Extraordinary as always! Thanks so much for taking the time to post, Orchids - I don't have mine yet, and this was a great treat this am!
  8. S**T FIRE! These are fabulous!!!

    What is the name of the shawl in the first post 4th picture in. It is red and looks like it has a man and a horse on it??
  9. Gazoo, that is "Tout en Carre" in the GM Cashmere shawl--let me know if you need a style number! :graucho: That design also came in the regular 35" carres too--from a prior season--can't remember which one...let me go check. Found it--the scarf came out in Spring-Summer 2006.
  10. OMG Thanks Orchids - gotta go bug my SA!
  11. Nice....Orchids you must just be so excited!!!!
  12. I got mine from the store the other day and i'm drooling over the diff. looks and the giant birkins/HACs! thanks for sharing T!
  13. btw, T - I love your avatar! sooo cute! happy easter to you too!
  14. Oh wait a minute, one more question. Post number 2 last photo. Necklace on the model on the left. Do you have details for that too??

    It is soooo stunning! THANKS!
  15. Thanks shoes & Pazt!

    Gazoo, I just re-checked the catalogue, and no details on the necklace (just says "jewelry & accessories by Hermes"--duh!). :sad: