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  1. Well, after purchasing my first Hermes scarf last weekend (Jungle Love in new blue colour - was on the wall at the Hermes shop in Glasgow and I HAD to have it:rolleyes: ), I'm now trying to find another Hermes scarf that I found on eBay. Unfortunately I was bidnapped in the dying seconds of the auction :crybaby: but has anyone seen "La Vie Du Grand Nord" at their local Hermes store (either in the pale pink colour or the slate grey / light blue)? I've asked the SA in Glasgow to try and locate one for me but thought I'd ask you lovely ladies if you'd seen one recently so I can point her in the right direction (she's already tried Europe).

    Would be much appreciated...:tender:
  2. Ali - I saw it at JFK last week, but don't know if you can get it from there.
    If all else fails, they've recently released this design in the cashmere/silk GM...so you may be able to console yourself with one of these, instead?
  3. Seemingly JFK isn't part of the Hermes empire as far as being able to send their stock to elsewhere - something to do with them being duty free.:shrugs:

    Means Glasgow can't get one in the colour I'd like:crybaby:

    The have found one in Berry (the dark pink) and are going to get that sent over. Really hope it's as nice as the pale pink one as that was gorgeous.

    Much as I'd love to get the cashmere / silk shawl..I can't justify spending £525 on it (my husband would have a fit! :wtf:

    TBH even £186 for a scarf is a bit much..yes I know it's fantastic quality etc but I bought a lovely silk scarf in Thailand from the Jim Thompson store that had been hand made that was only £50.

    Thanks for looking though -maybe one day someone will have one on eBay again!
  4. Thanks to Quinn's Mom, I have managed to locate my Grail scarf and it's winging it's way over to Scotland as I type! :yahoo:

    King of Prussia mall had one in their Neiman Marcus store and managed to purchase over the phone so according to credit card company the sale has gone through so waiting patiently for the postman to arrive.:drool:

    Thanks again everyone for looking!
  5. oph i was going to say i thought kop hermes had one too. LOL. so glad you got it.
  6. It arrived today!!!!

    Fed-Ex delivered it and NO duty to be paid which made it even better:yahoo:

    It's absolutely gorgeous and if I can find the cable for my camera, I'll take a photo and post it when I get back from a business trip to the North of Scotland (Inverness...no Hermes shop there unfortunately..and I'll have no internet access either so won't be able to drool over any more scarves till Friday night:crybaby:)

    Haven't told my other half that there are a few more designs I'd like to get...

    And even more scary is the fact we are going to Paris later in the year...and the mothershop is going to be one of the places I WILL visit!!

    (I can already see damage on the credit card as we're staying near La Vallee discount village which as Maxmara, Christian Lacroix etc...be afraid...be VERY afraid...:devil:smile:
  7. Can you post a pic of your new BLUE Jungle Love? A few of us here, me included, love Jungle Love. :heart:
  8. Congrats Alidoll!

    I did my good deed for the month!!! So glad you found your dream scarf!:heart:
  9. Congrats!
  10. Hiya

    The Jungle Love scarf is reference 001876s24 (if you go into the GB website and look under blue it's there at the moment). Really vibrant colours and looked stunning on the wall of the shop. Fell for it big time...:love:

    Righto..better get my skates on as catching a train north soon...