On the SEARCH for this Paddington Small Satchel!!

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  1. :love: My AMEX and I are on a Chloe buying rampage this month and the last bag that I must have is this one. I am in love with this bag, got the pic. off of BlueFly but won't buy from them. I would love this bag in the Dark Brown or Nuage (sp). Just hoping that someone has seen it around for a decent price. Thank you so much ladies!! BTW does anyone else have an love this one and love it?
  2. Yeah I'm looking for this bag too. The nuage one looks amazing.
    I did see this bag in Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge today but wondering if it's available online as retail price is £650.
  3. Did you try it on, was it comfy on your arm or heavy?
  4. Yep I tried it on. It wasn't very heavy but I've been carrying a medium paddington around a lot so anything compared to that is considered light for me!

    It looks REALLY cute on the arm but I didn't put it on my shoulder so not sure about that.
  5. I think this style is the Paddington Box. (or at least, it used to be called that!) I had an '05 box and it was really comfortable to carry. I found it more comfortable than the satchel. And if I remember correctly, you could probably carry it on your shoulder, but not with a bulky coat on.
  6. Has anyone seen the medium paddy in Nuage? Still available, that is?
  7. I SO wish, I am in love with that color!
  8. Saw something boxy at Chloe boutique, South Coast Plaza, 30% off. One cream, one white, I think. I am getting confused by the avalanche of paddys there of different shapes and colors.
  9. Thank you Mona but I want a new one - I am SO spoiled but by me only of course! I think I might take the risk and buy from Blue Fly, I have a 15% off coupon code. I did lots of reading yesterday on different Blue Fly threads that other PFer's posted and hope I have a good experience.
  10. http://www.sabinesboutique.com/CHLOE.html
    Extra 10% off till 11/30