on the richest woman...

  1. first picture on the left - is this the same bag as that Saks fifth avenue hermes kelly look-alike bag another member posted awhile ago? on brooke astor? how fabulous.
  2. ^^ from today's nytimes, photo by bill cunningham
  3. I thought I was going to see pictures of Melinda Gates with her Hermes handbags. LOL
  4. Oh yes that is Brooke Astor who recently died,may she R.I.P.

    Thanks for posting.
  5. Interestingly, I don't think designer names were ever attached to Mrs. Astor, certainly not like Nan Kempner etc.
  6. I dunno...:shrugs:
  7. Melinda Gates wears Hermes? Any pics?
  8. ^^ How interesting! I have the same bag I bought in NY SFA some 17 years ago. I'm not that old (was 17+ then) and not nearly as rich :smile:. This particular bag was my first purchase on my first ever coming to US from USSR :yahoo:. I didn't even know of Hermes back then but fell in love with this hermes kelly look-alike bag right on the spot. I still have it as a memento :heart:
    ...and this is how my orange box obsession began
  9. Dunno.
    The middle one could be a Pulman? Maybe?
    Look at Brooke on the far right photograph: A perfect, perfect outfit! I want to look like that when I am 104. But I want to have nicer relatives.
    Don't know the red bag she is carrying, but it certainly is a very nice bag.
  10. She was our queen, isn't she the most stylish lady? i need to break out the hats again...may she rest in peace, a great lady. i don't know about the bag though.
  11. I think that is an Asprey bag, actually.
  12. Hermes or not, the woman certainly had style- love the fur accents!
  13. She was indeed quite a lady!! I understand she "WAS NEW YORK" through and through, so I wouldn't be surprised that she would maybe carry a Saks product (given the choice?) Wow!! 105!! May she rest in peace!!
  14. sorry, didn't mean to mislead - i'm 99.99% certain that it is the saks bag posted in this subforum a while ago.
  15. What an elegant lady with a lovely smile
    I dont know of her over here this side of pond
    but I hope also she rests in peace
    with Big G