On the quest for a Cocker

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  1. Did any of you see the beautiful cocker at Shirise.com's website? I had been eyeing it for a while, and just when I decided to purchase it, I found out that it has been sold (crying buckets now).

    It was ebano, with the same swirly accents that Syma's has on the main body of the bag, but the side pockets have the intrecciato weave and the handle rings were gold with a criss cross pattern (much like the new ball bag).

    Does anyone know when this bag was released? And whether I am likely to come across another cocker like this one? Cockers seem quite hard to come by, and must be even so for this unique cocker I saw.
  2. Minda, you can contact a BV store and ask that they do a search.
  3. Oh Minda - that is so frustrating. I saw that one there for a while. Maybe someone just has it in their cart and it will come back? Here's hoping you find something - I'll keep my eyes open too.

    The Cocker on shoebuy is nice... I actually didn't know they sold any BV - just bought some shoes from them last week and they even ship to Canada without a huge hassle and massive extra costs!! I'll have to add them to my list of places to check out regularly just in case something pops up!
  4. Oh bertrell! You are the absolute sweetest!!! :heart:Million thanks. Will seriously consider it. I had in mind either a plain cocker or the one with swirly patterns, but the price for this one is seriously tempting me, and it is in ebano too! :graucho:
  5. ^ The 20% discount code definitely makes a difference! Let us know if you decide to take the plunge, Minda! ;)
  6. In my moment of weakness, I took the plunge :wtf:

    Very scared now.... I have never seen or tried the cocker IRL before, and am not sure if it will suit me. I do intend to use it as a sholder bag, and some have commented that it is really a hand held bag.

    The strange thing about the cocker is this : I absolutely disliked it in the beginning (no offence to tpfers who own/adore this bag). I thought it was a strange looking boxy bag with funny side pockets and flaps. Then all of a sudden, I fall madly in love with that braided handle (ooh that braided handle) and start thinking that it is a very interesting bag indeed.

    Thanks Bertrell for enabling me on this one! I can never resist any BV that goes on sale.
  7. You're most welcome, minda. :smile:
    I think the next best thing to owning a BV bag is to see it on another tpfer!
    And I share your sentiments on the cocker. Definitely not an instant stunner like some other Bottega bags, but it sort of grows on you.
    Hope you will like it!
  8. Minda, that cocker is beautiful I love the weaving on the sides of the bag as well as the pockets. I hope you love it when you get it. In the UK I see people with cockers all the time and they always look so stylish. Please post pics when your bag arrives! Yay to Bertrell as well for finding such a good deal or you :tup:
  9. I have never seen a Cocker IRL, but I have seen lots and lots of pictures here with it carried as a shoulder bag... so hopefully you will be okay with it! Fingers crossed you really do love it when it arrives!!
  10. Gorgeous Minda. I hope you love it!
  11. DHL just called me and said that they will be delivering the package in an hour's time. I am so excited and anxious I cannot function (hence - surfing tpf)!
  12. Can't wait to hear when it arrives - tick tick tick.
  13. :yahoo:The bag is here!!! Arrived in mint condition - dust bag, cards etc. Sorry I can't post pictures just yet as I need DH's help. But just wanted to share my excitement and joy. Thank you to Bertrell for this great find. And just in case you were wondering - total damage (including shipping cost and customs taxes) approx. US$1,200.

    I still can't believe I bought this bag from shoebuy! The customer service was relatively okay (quick response - although no e-mail chat available). I had to call them several times to make sure all was well - but I must say I am impressed by how fast my order was processed and delivered.
  14. Yay Minda!! What a great buy and happy to know that everything went smoothly. Can't wait for the pics!!
    Kudos to bertrell too.:tup: