On The Prowl for a TWIGGY....

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  1. If y'all see twiggys in your travels please let me know!

    I'm semi-hunting for the following:

    vert gazon (should've bought it when I had the chance LOL)
  2. Oh I know! I bought and sold a vert gazon twiggy. BIG mistake. Now I am wanting this bag again; to keep!
  3. Yea....I wonder if I start calling around...I found one at Saks a couple weeks ago but went for the aqua city instead!
  4. I was just contacted yesterday that AR had the Twiggy in Ocean.
  5. twiggers- im sure AR still have the VG twiggy!
  6. Yes, I think Aloha Rag still has the Twiggy in both Ocean and Vert Gazon. They are so great to work with; I'm sure you'll have an excellent experience.
  7. AR's updated Twiggy stock list (I got email today):
    Black, White, Plomb, Tabac, Vert Fonce, Bleu, Mastic, Vert Deau, Anthracite, Vert Gazon:yes::yes::yes:
  8. BalNY still has the Jaune D'or Twiggy. Good luck
  9. I just returned a gray/griege? twiggy to Saks naples Florida.
  10. dabai: THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    ACk dilemma time now...crap...vert gazon or juane ARG!!!!
  11. Twiggers: Personally I like Juane better. Here's the photo I got from AR (VG):
  12. Ohhh dabai...that is gorgeous! ACK...decisions....decisions...I have this $150 Saks GC...so I could buy VG now...and then maybe Saks will get in a Juane! IDK!
  13. AR definitely has them. That's where I got mine last week. And I got my Anthracite Twiggy from them too. =)
  14. BTW, I carried my VG today and half a dozen compliments!!!
  15. Thanks oo!!!!