On the pill - how protected from pregancy are we really?

  1. I've been on the pill (yasmin) for at least a year now but i still use condoms or practice "withdrawl" in addition to the pill. I tend to be paranoid. How necessary is it to practice "withdrawl" while on the pill? Now is not t he time to become pregnant for me. Thanks for the help.
  2. You don't need to practice withdrawl if you are on the pill as long as you take it everyday at the same time your risk of getting pregnant is only like 2%!!
  3. I was on the pill for 16 years and never got pregnant...ofcourse there are risks with any method. However for me I never had ANY troubles. NOW Im off the pill and have not used anything for over a year and I STILL am not pregnant (and want to be)....I think you are fine. :smile:
  4. Ok, thanks. =) Im really paranoid.
  5. 2% is still scary. Do you know if that is assuming the time you take the pill varies or with the assumption you take it at the correct time everyday?
  6. Remember that certain drugs can cause your birth control pills to not work. Antibiotics are the #1 cause of unplanned pregnancy.Those are not the only drugs that cause interaction with birth control pills. Always ask your pharmacist when you get a new script if it might cause an issue with your birth control pills. If I wasn't taking anything else, I wouldn't be worrying myself sick.
  7. wow 2%! that's like twice every hundred times you have sex. that's scary. i heard it was much less.
  8. I've been on it (OTC Lo) since last year and so far so good.
  9. Okay I found this about the effectiveness. If you take it perfectly it is 0.1% but typical use is 5%.

    Birth Control
  10. set your cell phone alarm, girls! that's how i take mine perfectly.
  11. For me it was the most carefree way NOT to get pregnant....I also am a creature of habit...I ALWAYS wash off my makeup and take off my jewelry and (at the time take my pill...I never forgot!) at the same place same time.!
  12. Yup definitely! no worrying about will i get and when? its also good to know when exactly your period will come. also my period is not as painful as it use to be
  13. I've been on the pill since I was 14, I'm 23 now and I love it. For years I always used the pill, condoms, and spermicide---those suckers weren't getting through on my watch. :p

    I'm currently engaged and me and my FH just use the pill as protection. We've been together for almost 3 years and I'm a little less worried about it now, but we still are not ready for a baby. Anyways, we've been just using the pill for around 2 years or so. I don't worry about it much. Sometimes the thought crosses my mind around the day before my period is due, but I don't worry about it much.

    But I could also be an exception, because my body naturally has problems in that area and with ovulation, so maybe I'm "more protected" than others with the pill. :p

    Who knows....all I'm going to say is "knock on wood" :smash: :noggin: :p
  14. That's what the gf does. Everyday at 2:30.
  15. I've been on the pill for 4 years & so far so good. :smile: Every once in awhile I may think about "what if" like a week before my period. But I would like to think that I'm protected in that area. I take it everyday, never skipping a day! I think I just scare myself...