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Dec 4, 2006
I've left my Jige GM in Box Bleu Marine for Cleaning/SPA at FSH. I left it there over two months ago. Yesterday I received a letter signed by the store manager that it was now ready for cleaning and that they were awaiting a confirmation for the estimated price of 145 euros before they were going to start the procedure.

So I got on the phone immediately to confirm the price. I miss my Jige so much!

The first lady who answered was very nice and forwarded me to leathers department. A man then answered and after explaining my case he just HANG UP!

I then called once again and told the woman that they hang up on me and the woman told me whe was going to forward me to another person at the same department.

The same man then answered and was very rude. Told me to call back in one hour because he thought the person I was searching was on lunch.

Ok so I called back a third time one and a half hour later. This time the first lady was quite tired of me calling and forwarded me to leathers department. Another lady answered and forwarded me again. No one answered this time.

So I called back a fourth time quite upset over the phone bill and this manners. She was like Oh I don't know why... bla bla bla. I just asked her to take my number and ask the right person to call me back when they had time. She told me that was OK. Of course they didn't call back!

So I'll guess I'm going to try calling again on monday. But if this just continues I don't really know what to do!?

Has someone else had to deal with this same problem?:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:


Sep 16, 2007
How rude!I hope you get through on Monday so you can have it cleaned asap!Sorry to hear that!


Mar 16, 2008
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Knapsu, that really pisses me off to hear!! The Directrice of the FSH store is Elsa Rameau. You can reach her at the number. I have called her at times when I was not getting any help from the specific departments. She is very helpful although sometimes hard to get a hold of. Just tell her very nicely and calmly the same story you put up here and ask her if she could look into it. That should work. Good luck!


Aug 31, 2008
It's srange!!! :confused1:
I am interesting man cashmere coat in FSH for my DF. During this week I called them for searching, then for buying it... several time! I spoke with difference SAs asking my SA, who called me back after the lunch! They all were very kind. My SA called me several time (even to ask me if I decide to buy), and I don't live in France, it's international call!
So, I really can't understand what's wrong! I soo hate rude SAs, cos I always kind with them and wait the same for me!!!

Good Luck!!! Hope everything will be :tup:


Jul 15, 2007
Saturday is the worst day to call, the shop is cramped and the SAs have barely time to help all of the customers. I'm sure that on Monday somebody has plenty of time to help you.


Jul 7, 2006
Knapsu, your experience sounds just like mine, except that I had to endure this on 3 separate days before I got through to the person I needed. They always promised to call back, but never did.

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Oct 17, 2008
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Saturday is the worst day to call, the shop is cramped and the SAs have barely time to help all of the customers. I'm sure that on Monday somebody has plenty of time to help you.
Sounds like the most plausible reason it is mad in FSH at weekends. You would think though that they would return a call - cheeky not to!


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Dec 31, 2008
mon ami, c'est FSH

It is a rather well established fact that anyone there not involves with customer service is just plain rude

Talk to your SA directly


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Apr 8, 2006
I wouldn't bother calling on the week-ends. They are mobbed! Try during the week.....


Dec 4, 2006
I'm just so fed up at Hermes FSH right now. I've called at least 15 times and there's always a strange answer. The last time a woman told me she could not find the reparation bill and that she was sorry because of that. And for the woman on the switch board: She should be fired because she don't want to let me speak with Elsa.

Today I'll write a letter to Elsa to tell her everything about this because it's definitely NOT OK! I hae never been treated badly by Hermès in Paris so I'm actually a bit stunned.


Aug 12, 2008
Knapsu, I am so sorry to hear about this story. I'm quite surprised as well because I often call FSH for information on my SO, the inventory or whatever given that I don't live in Paris, and every time I am dealt with very nicely and if my SA isn't available there is always someone eager to help me...
You are quite right to say that that lady at the switchboard has extremely poor customer service manners!
Have you got your SA's email address? Maybe you could try this?

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Aug 6, 2007
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Have you asked for the Sales Associate that helped you, received your bag? Or do you have a name on the paperwork they gave you that you could ask for. Did you give your bag to a SA, or to a craftsperson who wrote up the paperwork?


Jan 11, 2007
Knapsu - I really feel for you. This kind of treatment is so unacceptable however not unheard of in Paris - Louis Vuitton's helpline is even worse!

FSH is my local Hermes, however, the service there is so hit-and-miss that I have chosen to take my business where possible to other H stores within France. It means I have to wait longer for my bags but at least I get friendly, helpful service which sadly at FSH is not guaranteed.