On the Phantom - Are the "ears" supposed to be different on some models?


May 19, 2019
I am not sure I can post this here, I hope it's ok! Thank you!!

I was looking into an old large Phantom with a friend as we love that style so much and she found one at the end, the large size, all black hardware and smooth leather. Sounds great but even though it has been authenticated as being the real thing by the online website, the "ears" are one smooth and one grained (or drummed?) so we find this is strange... is that actually a thing? I don't remember ever seeing one with different leathers for each ear while the front and back are smooth...
If anyone has a history of spotting one like that, could you please kindly tell me? that would make me feel more happy knowing that it was a normal release!
Thank you so very much for your feedback!!

IMG_20201106_203246_103 (1).jpg

IMG_20201106_203250_171 (1).jpg