on the paddy wagon (with a wallet question)

  1. I'm thinking about breaking down and buying the Chloe Paddington Wallet that's currently on sale at Net-a-Porter.

    Problem is, I don't think I'm going to buy a Paddington bag until the fall/winter, and I was wondering if you ladies thought that the leathers will have changed significantly enough that an '06 paddy wallet won't match an '07 paddy satchel.

    I'm looking at the noir color, details of the wallet available here:
    or, if you think this would better match the '07 Paddy

    Thanks a million!
  2. I'm sure the noir colors will be an almost exact match, and out of the two wallets I personally prefer the second smaller one.....it's just so cute!!! Either way you can't go wrong.
  3. I prefer the first one actually.. It's a bit larger than the other one and then you can put inside it everything you want! Besides, the smaller one has so much space, isn't it? Anyway, your decision.. they're both pretty!
  4. LV and Cheline make excellent points! And both wallets are such awesome deals...
  5. I bought this one (the second one) at the NAP sale:

    I love it! It's the perfect size, and the leather is soooo soft. Much nicer than I expected it to be.
  6. Chakakhan the first wallet is actually brun, which is a very dark brown. It is gorgeous I just ordered it about two weeks ago from nap. Both wallets are a great deal!!!