On the Oprah diet and lovin' it so far!

  1. Hi ladies, just thought I'd let you know that I'm trying the Bob Greene diet in January's issue of O magazine and I'm really loving it so far. Usually I rev up my exercise so quickly that I get tired and burnt out, but this plan is much more about diet than exercise. Right now I'm going to the gym 5x a week for a half hour a session...next week I'm adding in weights. Diet-wise I'm technically not supposed to be doing anything substantial (first month is just exercise), but since eating is my real weight loss problem I decided to start making diet changes early. I'm not eating anything with butter/white flour/refined sugar/partially hydrogenated soybean oil and I'm also not eating anything fried. The first few days were rough, I really felt tired, but now I feel GREAT, no joke. I'm still fine tuning the diet...right now I eat whenever I'm hungry, hopefully I'll refine it into meals soon. I need to eat more protein too, though I've tried to be good about it. If anyone else is trying the diet let me know how you're doing! I really am feeling so much better, like I'm purging all of the awful holiday junk out of my system.
  2. Congrats- that diet sounds like a great lifestyle change rather than a diet :yes:
  3. i loved that article! i basically follow this approach
  4. How long do you think you can go without having them? For the long run, I don't think you should eliminate any of these at all. Go ahead and have them...but in moderation.

    Eat six small meals a day and exercise 6 days a week are the only way to go. And don't give yourself any timeline to lose any kind of weigh...just think of it as you changing your lifestyle...and the weigh loss is just an added bonus.

    And throw away the scale.

    Good luck!!!
  5. Isn't it hard to not eat anything with butter/white flour/refined sugar/partially hydrogenated soybean oil? Does the article provide a sample menu to follow?

    This sounds like a great diet & excercise plan! I got to get myself back to the gym, but I'm actually scared of using the weights.:huh:
    I just really have no idea what to do with them.

    Best of luck with your plan!
  6. Thanks for the support, guys. So far it's actually been surprisingly easy to avoid the foods that the article details, partially hydrogenated oils have been the only hassle since they're in almost everything. You really have to read labels, they pop up in places you wouldn't expect. So the diet is going well, exercise I'm still getting into, but I'm planning on going 5x this week. The diet doesn't force you to cut out these foods forever, btw, just until you reach a weight you're happy with, then you can start to add them in again very much in moderation. The magazine itself only suggests to stay on the really restricted diet for a month.
  7. Sounds like the South Beach diet. All diets are basically the same...you will lose some in the first few weeks. But in the long run, the majority will gain it back plus some more.

    If one is not exercising, and then start exercising, he/she can still lose the weight without having to cut anything out from his/her diets. But some people, they will use the working out excuse to EAT MORE.