On the look Out for Lv azur TOTALLY

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  1. Hi,Lv Lovers:heart:
    I wonder whats the difference of Lv saleya Damier TO azur Totally?
    I have a saleya pm in damier;)
    I saw TOTALLY from other's blog & i like it. {i don't have anything from the azur line yet:drool:}
    do you guys think saleya & totally just look like the same?:okay:
  2. The Totally has the outside pockets, but they do look similar, IMO.
  3. lso the rolled straps vs the flat
  4. Also, the straps are longer on the Totally from my understanding.
  5. Besides the outside pockets and the longer flat staps, the totally does not look as wide on the bottom (I could be wrong since I have not seen the Totally IRL yet)
  6. I'm soo totally excited about this bag. I've loved the tote-styles before and also azur so now I'm thinking this would be perfect for me.

    Do you think it'll be a bag that's hard to get ahold of? (really popular)

    Would you carry yours as an every-day bag or more a functional bag (work)?
  7. From what I recall the price was going to be $1000. I think it will be popular! This bag sounds like it will be perfect for you. With the soft rounded bottom, it should be comfortable but won't sit up. I would use it as an everyday bag. I talked to the SA and it will be out in March but they don't know when in March. She said you could put your name down and they will call when the bag is out. I can't wait to see modeling pics of people with this bag! 1 more month!
  8. Does anyone know what kind of material the "Totally" has inside?

    And why they came up with this name! :nuts: lol!
  9. Does anyone else think the side pockets make it look kind of like a baby bag??

    I really like to totally but not sure about those side pockets
  10. I just love that bag. Does it come out in what pattern? Azur only?
    Do you know the price?
  11. Yes, that's probably why I like it. All of my purses double as a baby bag.:yes:
  12. I heard somewhere that it's "tote-ally" or something like that lol

    But I'm actually really interested in this bag, one of the few bags from the permanent line that I'm interested in, it'll be a good school bag depending on how big it is imo.
  13. I don't any anything from the azur line yet so I am really interested in the totally. The outside pockets would work well for my key and cell phone. I hope the straps are at least as long as the BH so it will be comfy! this could be my new summer bag!
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    Hi...totally pm=$890 & Mm= $1000:wlae:
    Im so excited for this bag. it's suppose to be a beach bag,some say so.
    i'd like to have it as my daily bag. as=alternate to my mono nf mm.
    i saw this bag on a blog last december. but now it was posted that {Azur Totally will be release by march!}
    I CAN't WAIT:P