On The Hunt

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  1. So...after hearing Shopmom find her dream scarf so very far away...it got me to wondering once again.

    I would love all of you to share what you are "ON THE HUNT" for these days. Is it a specific bag with a certain combination color, leather, hw? A small leather good? Scarf?

    Maybe we can help one another find various Hermes goods that we long for. If not that, we can at least enjoy some great conversation.

    Let's enjoy the hunt!
  2. Hunting a 31cm Toile/Barenia Trim II with palladium h/w. Simple. Oh wait, maybe a noisette mysore Bearn w contrast white stitching or vert anis mysore, either way..
  3. - Watering Can silver Charm
    - Palladium Shooting star Cadena

    Shopmom's Oiseaux birdie scarf (LOOOOVE)
  4. Thank you for posting!
  5. If I can't find it this weekend at NM (I think they have one, I hope!) a black and white Twilly...the one that spells out Hermes. :shame:
  6. Epices scarf in brown or black colorway

    a Kelly....which is in sight.....
  7. On the hunt for a wallet to match my Kelly.. not sure what style though..
  8. On the hunt for a money tree right now:p
  9. on the hunt for one of each please.....
  10. :roflmfao:

    I'm on the hunt for the scarf La Danse in white with dancers in sepia :love:
  11. Oh! It's available on hermes.com It's fantastic! shopmom and I have it. :heart:
  12. TANGLE......Grab it 'cause it's just so fantastic! Goes with everything and it'll look so great on you!!!!
  13. NOW on the hunt for:

    Karo clutch PM in some fabby color like....like.....VERT ANIS!!!! :nuts:

    (oh dear Lord I almost had a seizure when I said that.....)

    .....oh and can you have Johnny Depp deliver that please? Thank you.......
  14. I WAS on the hunt for an etoupe/rose shocking agenda in chevre....but our lovely, wonderful Shopmom found one, and it's on it's way to me right now!!!!!

    Love Ya, D!!!
  15. As my signature states....ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS looking....