On the Hunt!!!!

  1. Hi again!

    Well I thought I was all sorted with my beautiful Teal First; I smoothed it's beautiful leather and looked at it (lots) and today was the day of it's first outing.....:p Until I came to put my things in the bag and discovered I could not get all my belongings that I need to carry round with me :confused1: :sad:
    Do I really need all this stuff (Yes apparently) so begrudgingly I am sending my baby back :crybaby: I need the City it is official.:idea:

    The problem is it took me so long deciding on the colour Teal that now I don't think another colour will do!! There is an Indigo City and a India Blue City on eBay (and they are both beautiful) but I want a Teal City....:love:

    Do they come up often on eBay?? I know it's a 2005 colour so I don't want a really used heavily one now I have had a brand new Teal in my possession!
    You guys always make a gal feel good ;)
  2. I know a PFer had a Teal Twiggy and Day up recently on eBay that was in Achtung but I have not seen a Teal City.
  3. Teal is such a pretty color, good luck.:smile: I am sure you will find her soon.;)
  4. ellay- where did you find a brand new 05 bag? im looking for an 04 bag currently and I have found the one I wanted, its just unfortunately used more than I would like it to be. ANY help is greatly appreciated! thanks!!
  5. Hi lmiller4,

    I was very lucky.... I happened to stumble upon the beauty on the ASOS website. It was the only bbag although they had a chloe betty too.
    Must be old stock from somewhere?
    Anyway, as I've returned it someone else has a chance to own it now!!
  6. Congrats on getting the Teal City :yahoo:I love happy endings.:heart:
  7. thanks for your response ellay! I must be behind... what is ASOS? since you started a thread on what you want, ill say what I want, and maybe some gracious person will help me out. an 04 seafoam city (or something larger) in excellent condition. no yellowing, rip, pen marks. you know. someone actually had a brand new seafoam first, but someone got to it right before me, that lucky gal. if only my chance would come...
  8. I think that someone posted that they had just received a BNWT seafoam first but said it was too small for them....
  9. ellay, i know!! how insane! i asked her if she would be willing to sell it and she said she just offered it to someone else a few minutes before me! the other girl decided she wanted it (HELLO! WHO WOULDNT?!?!) so i dont blame her, i just wish i had gotton there first. oh well, my day will one day come..
  10. youre so sweet to tell me though!! thank you!