On the hunt

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  1. I am looking for the Hudson Satchel in brown (don't remember the exact name of the shade) it's just the perfect rugged shape/colour I need for my wardrobe..but they stopped making them :sad: Any hints or ideas on where I can my grubby little hands on one? I'm in Canada so that might complicate things.....
  2. If you're talking about the Hudson triple strap satchel, I hate to say it, but pretty much every Hottie who doesn't already own this is on the lookout for one! I just keep trolling all the auction sites, hoping one day my timing will be right...:biggrin:
  3. Too true. Cocoa and Persian Rose... you will be mine. Y'all can have the Storm.
  4. Did your Vachetta arrive yet, RM?
  5. It's a great bag! Good luck in your search. I would love a blue one, or the rose.
  6. Sorry, loogirl, I haven't seen a cocoa hudson satchel for sale in ages...at least not in the last 9 months or so. But maybe with the renewed interest in this fabulous bag we'll be seeing more on the bay? I would love the blue one...you would think it would pop up more often since it was sold at anthro as well through HH.
  7. Not yet. I imagine there will be extra shipping days since it went out over the July 4 weekend.
  8. Please bring it back HH gods!!! I NEED this bag!!!! a nice rugged brown please!! or wine....and all the other colours in between! I knew I should have bought this when I first saw it, but I thought it would be around forever.....*sob*