On the Hunt...

  1. Hi Ya'll!
    I've decided I'm on the hunt for a Lavender Vernis agenda PM. Does anyone know of a good site beside ebay and Let's Trade?

    Thanks for your help!


    I'm not sure I can live without it...:wtf:
  2. try poupetteluxe.com. although most of the time the auctions there are for bags, but you never know!
  3. Thank YOU!!!!!!
  4. Thanks Karman. That agenda looks grey and not lavender to me. I just emailed the seller to ask. If you don't keep lavender out of the sun, it turns completely grey like that. I would be bummed. I saw some lavender in the clubhouse last week that is the true periwinkle blue. I am crazy for it. Have one lavender bag that is in perfect condition. I couldn't find that agenda this morning, so thanks for the link... Hopefully, it's just the pic and not really grey. I did email the seller.... Thank YOU!
  5. Emailed seller, and she said it was just photos and brand new... soooo..... I BOUGHT it. I hope it's really good. Wow. Carmen, thank you! That auction was over in 17 minutes and I didn't have it in my ebay search this morning... guess I better get to the vuitton meeting... I adore lavender... seriously, seriously... even called California yesterday to see if they could find me one and zip... This is the BEST place!
  6. I found one I don't have to worry about from the Huang Family, the color is much much truer. ebay seller would not refund if I was unhappy. Do not feel good about that agenda, look at this one!
    Josephines' agenda.jpg