ON THE HUNT: Please Help Me Find this PS Bag

  1. Dear bag lovers,
    I'm desperately needing to find a PS1 in deep purple shades such as Viola, in any size.
    I saw on the NAP UK website NAP two PS1 in purple hues, which they called Luxe Purple and Grape, however I don't think these are the official names given by PS (Could anyone help me out?). Anyway, the darkest one is the kind of hue I'm looking for, so if anyone knows about any PS1s in that shade, bag, wallet or both, please pm me!!!
    X C;)
  2. ^Cacau, so far I think the color NAP calls Luxe Purple is Violet from fall last year (see below) and I think Grape is Orchid? The only new blue/purple color I've seen for this fall is Purple Rain, but there could be more colors coming soon (Grape?)

    AW11 (released May-June11)
    Leather: White, Saddle, Military, Teal, Lilac, Violet, Tangerine, Burgundy
    Suede: Black, Tangerine, Pistachio, Raspberry, Antique Pink

    AW12 (released May-June12)
    Leather: Mustard, Orange, Lipstick, Raspberry, Purple Rain, Lemon, Burgundy
    Suede: Cobalt, Grape, Hot Pink
  3. Dear Ellie, to the rescue!!! I actually was debating with myself that you are probably right about NAP. I have a Violet KA and it isn't so different than the PS1 on their website. I saw Purple Rain, but it looks very blue-ish. I would love to see what this Grape is about, but suede doesn't interest me... Thank you anyway, I'll keep hunting! XXX
  4. Dropped by Intermix in LA on Robertson and they had quite the selection of Medium PS1 and Pouchettes... Citron, Orange, Purple Rain in Medium PS1, Citron Pouchette, a lot of suede pouchettes; cobalt, tobacco, neon yellow, grape.
  5. Just saw the Grape suede, but it looks a lot like the Orchid IMO...
  6. That's nice to know, I thought is could be similar to the Orchid.
  7. I think it is quite funny that they often have similar colours for suede and leather on the same season but use different names... I don't get it!
  8. Yes it's a bit funny, but I guess they are trying to come up with unique names for all colors. I think the names often are good descriptions of the colors too.
  9. Ok, that actually makes sense (think about Orchid, right?)! Oh Ellie, clever gal :smile:
  10. Not a bag but I'm still looking for the Continental Wallet in Kelly Green somewhere in Europe.
  11. Please PM if you see a Kelly Green PS1 or Keep All (any size!) or Continental Wallet in Orchid, Purple, Kelly Green... thank you!!!! :worthy:
  12. It really helps if you tell us where you live.
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    Oh Elliespurse, it is fabulous!!!! Love Harvey Nichols! I just received a LKA in black, love the size but now that I see the one on HN, I wonder if the LKA in Kelly is too much Kelly Green? Gosh I love it though!

    The wallet is fab, I will drop by Barney's today and see what they have.... Thank you!!!

    Mediana, I am in California... San Francisco, International is not an issue ;)
  14. Bella, great. Ellies is always the one who knows where you can find them. Any special sizes you're after? I found a site who ships internationally that has the PS1 in medium and large. Also, the large KA.