On the hunt for the Timeless Clutch at NM...have you seen it?

  1. Hi All!
    I am ready to buy my first Chanel! I am searching for the Timeless Clutch in black (preferably the caviar leather). Has anyone seen one at their local Neiman Marcus? Do you have a good SA recommendation? Thank you!
  2. Call Stephanie, Nieman marcus San Antonio, 210 558-8000. She is great.
  3. Thanks! I found it at the NM in Dallas! I can't wait to get it!

  4. Hi yslalice!! I'm excited that you're getting your first Chanel - it's a dangerous addiction though. Post pics when you get it!
  5. It will probably be my only one for a while -- I thought it would be best to get it before the price increase, or else I'd probably regret it. I intend to buy a classic flap later down the road.
    I am so excited! Chanel has such lovely bags.
  6. NM Beverly Hills - as of today when I was there at 3 pm had two black patent timeless clutch bags.

    Call Janine at 310 550 5900.
  7. nm stanford
  8. hi, how much is the timeless clutch in caviar?
  9. $995.00 : )
  10. Do they ship the bag overseas?

  11. Do you know can she arrange the shipment to overseas? I'm looking for some items which are all sold out in my country. Thanks.

  12. I'm pretty sure she has shipped overseas for others here on the board - she's very nice, give her a call!:tup:
  13. Thanks juniormint, I'll call her tonight. :yes:
  14. I got it, and I LOVE it! I used it that night. I had a little headache with the price (bought caviar but charged for lambskin), but I went in again and corrected it.
    It's so lovely!:tender: